Environmental Quality - Waste Management and Radiation Control, Waste Management - Permit Approval For Solid Waste Disposal, Waste Tire Storage, Energy Recovery, And Incinerator Facilities

Published: 2013-04-25

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R315. Environmental Quality, Waste Management and Radiation Control, Waste Management.

R315-311. Permit Approval For Solid Waste Disposal, Waste Tire Storage, Energy Recovery, And Incinerator Facilities.

R315-311-1. General Requirements.

(1) Upon submittal of the complete information required by Rule R315-310, as determined by the Director, a draft permit or permit denial will be prepared and the owner or operator of the new or existing facility will be notified in writing by the Director.

(a) After meeting the requirements of the public comment period and public hearing as stipulated in Section R315-311-3, the owner or operator may be issued a permit which will include appropriate conditions and limitations on operation and types of waste to be accepted at the facility.

(b) Construction shall not begin prior to the receipt of the permit.

(c) An application that has been initiated by an owner or operator but for which the Director has not received a response to questions about the application for more than one year shall be canceled.

(2) Solid waste disposal facility plan approval and permit issuance will depend upon:

(a) the adequacy of the facility in meeting the location standards in Section R315-302-1;

(b) the hydrology and geology of the area; and

(c) the adequacy of the plan of operation, facility design, and monitoring programs in meeting the requirements of the applicable rules.

(3) A permit can be granted for up to ten years by the Director, except as allowed in Subsection R315-311-1(5).

(4) The owner or operator, or both, when the owner and the operator are not the same person, of each solid waste facility shall:

(a) apply for a permit renewal, as required by Section R315-310-10, 180 days prior to the expiration date of the current permit if the permit holder intends to continue operations after the current permit expires; and

(b) for facilities for which financial assurance is required by R315-309-1, submit, for review and approval by the Director on a schedule of no less than every five years, a complete update of the financial assurance required in Rule R315-309 which shall contain:

(i) a calculation of the current costs of closure as required by Subsection R315-309-2(3); and

(ii) a calculation that is not based on a closure cost which has been obtained by applying an inflation factor to past cost estimates.

(5) A permit for a facility in post-closure care:

(i) may be issued for the life of the post-closure care period; and

(ii) the holder of the post-closure care permit shall comply with Subsection R315-311-1(4)(b).

R315-311-2. Permit Modification, Renewal, or Termination.

(1) A permit may be considered for modification, renewal, or termination at the request of any interested person, including the permittee, or upon the Director's initiative as a result of new information or changes in statutes or rules. Requests for modification, reissuance, or termination shall be submitted in writing to the Director and shall contain facts or reasons supporting the request. Requests for permit modification, renewal, or termination shall become effective only upon approval by the Director.

(a) Minor modifications of a permit or plan of operation shall not be subject to the 30 day public comment period as required by Section R315-311-3. A permit modification shall be considered minor if:

(i) typographical errors are corrected;

(ii) the name, address, or phone number of persons or agencies identified in the permit are changed;

(iii) administrative or informational changes are made;

(iv) procedures for maintaining the operating record are changed or the location where the operating record is kept is changed;

(v) changes are made to provide for more frequent monitoring, reporting, sampling, or maintenance;

(vi) a compliance date extension request is made for a new date not to exceed 120 days after the date specified in the approved permit;

(vii) changes are made in the expiration date of the permit to allow an earlier permit termination;

(viii) changes are made in the closure schedule for a unit, in the final closure schedule for the facility, or the closure period is extended;

(ix) the Director determines, in the case of a permit transfer application, that no change in the permit other than the change in the name of the owner or operator is necessary;

(x) equipment is upgraded or replaced with functionally equivalent components;

(xi) changes are made in sampling or analysis methods, procedures, or schedules;

(xii) changes are made in the construction or ground water monitoring quality control/quality assurance plans which will better certify that the specifications for construction, closure, sampling, or analysis will be met;

(xiii) changes are made in the facility plan of operation which conform to guidance or rules approved by the Board or provide more efficient waste handling or more effective waste screening;

(xiv) an existing monitoring well is replaced with a new well without changing the location;

(xv) changes are made in the design or depth of a monitoring well that provides more effective monitoring;

(xvi) changes are made in the statistical method used to statistically analyze the ground water quality data; or

(xvii) Changes are made in any permit condition that are more restrictive or provide more protection to health or the environment.

(b) The Director may subject any minor modification request to the 30-day public comment period if justified by conditions and circumstances.

(c) A permit modification that does not meet the requirements of Subsection R315-311-2(1)(a) for a minor modification shall be a major modification.

(d) If the Director determines that major modifications to a permit or plan of operation are justified, a new operational plan incorporating the approved modifications shall be prepared. The modifications shall be subject to the public comment period as specified in Section R315-311-3.

(2) An application for permit renewal shall consist of the information required by Section R315-310-9. Upon receipt of the application, the Director will review the application and will notify the applicant as to what information or change of operational practice is required of the applicant, if any, to receive a permit renewal. The current permit shall remain in effect until issuance or denial of a new permit. Each permit renewal shall be subject to the public comment requirements of Section R315-311-3.

(3) The Director shall notify, in writing, the owner or operator of any facility of intent to terminate a permit. A permit may be terminated for:

(a) noncompliance with any condition of the permit;

(b) noncompliance with any applicable rule;

(c) failure in the application or during the approval or renewal process to disclose fully all relevant facts;

(d) misrepresentation by the owner or operator of any relevant facts at any time; or

(e) a determination that the solid waste activity or facility endangers human health or the environment.

(4) The owner or operator of a facility may appeal any action

associated with modification, renewal, or termination in accordance with Section R315-317-3, Title 63G Chapter 4, and Rule R305-7.

R315-311-3. Public Comment Period.

(1) The draft permit, permit renewal, or major modification of a permit, for each solid waste facility that requires a permit, shall be subject to a 30-day public comment period.

(2) A public hearing may be held if a request for public hearing is submitted to the Director in writing:

(a) by a local government, a state agency, ten interested persons, or an interested association having not fewer than ten members; and

(b) the request is received by the Director not more than 15 days after the publication of the public notice.

(3) After due consideration of all comments received, final determination on draft permits or major modification of permits will be made available by public notice.

KEY: solid waste management, waste disposal

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: April 25, 2013

Notice of Continuation: January 12, 2018

Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 19-6-104; 19-6-105; 19-6-108