Education - Administration - Suicide Prevention Programs

Published: 2021-04-14

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R277. Education, Administration.
R277-620. Suicide Prevention Programs.
R277-620-1. Authority and Purpose.
(1) This rule is authorized under:
(a) Utah Constitution Article X Section 3 which vests general control and supervision of public education in the Board; and
(b) Section 53E-3-401(4) which allows the Board to adopt rules in accordance with its responsibilities.
(2) The purposes of this rule are:
(a) to provide for collaboration with the Department of Health and Department of Human Services to establish, oversee, and provide model policies, programs for an LEA and training for parents about youth suicide prevention programs;
(b) to require an LEA to have and update youth protection policies; and
(c) to direct an LEA to send notice to parents and protect the confidentiality of the required parent notification record regarding bullying and suicide incidents.
R277-620-2. Definitions.
(1) "Adverse Childhood Experiences Study" or "ACES" means the study conducted on potentially traumatic events that can have negative, lasting effects on health, learning, and well-being as defined by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
(2) "Intervention" means an effort to prevent a student from attempting suicide.
(3) "LEA" includes, for purposes of this rule, the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.
(4) "Parent notification" means a notice provided by a public school to a students' parent(s) consistent with Section 53G-9-604(2) and 53G-9-605(3)(e).
(5) "Postvention" means mental health intervention after a suicide attempt or death to prevent or contain contagion.
(6) "Program for secondary grades" means a youth suicide prevention program for students in grades 7 through 12, including grade 6 if middle or junior high school includes grade 6.
(7) "State suicide prevention coordinator" means the person designated by the Department of Health - State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Section 62A-15-1101.
(8) "Youth protection and mental health seminar" means a seminar offered for each 11,000 students enrolled in a school district to parents of students consistent with Section 53G-9-702.
R277-620-3. Youth Suicide Prevention Grants - LEA Reporting Requirements.
(1) The Superintendent, in collaboration with the Department of Health - State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the State suicide prevention coordinator, shall establish model youth suicide prevention programs for LEAs that include training and resources addressing:
(a) prevention of youth suicides;
(b) standard response protocols that utilize trauma informed practices, which may reference the ACES or other empirical data;
(c) youth suicide intervention; and
(d) postvention for family, students, and faculty.
(2) Based on legislative appropriation, the Board shall distribute funds to LEAs to support suicide prevention efforts in the school district or charter school.
(a) An LEA may use the awarded funds to select and implement:
(i) evidenced-based practices and programs; or
(ii) emerging best practices and programs.
(3) An LEA shall implement youth suicide prevention programs for students in secondary grades, including grades 7 through 12 and grade 6, if grade 6 is part of a secondary grade model.
(4) An LEA's youth suicide prevention program shall include the components provided in Subsection 53G-9-702(2).
(5) An LEA shall establish a policy governing the required parent notification outlined in Subsections 53G-9-604(2) and 53G-9-605(3)(e) and Section R277-613-4.
(6) An LEA shall provide necessary reporting information consistent with Subsection 53G-9-702(7) for the Board's report on the coordination of suicide prevention programs and seminar program implementation to the Legislature's Education Interim Committee.
KEY: public schools, suicide prevention programs, parent notifications, seminars
Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: December 10, 2018
Notice of Continuation: October 5, 2018
Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: Art X Sec 3; 53E-3-401(3)