Cultural and Community Engagement - Administration - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission

Published: 2021-04-05

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R450. Heritage and Arts, Multicultural Affairs.
R450-5. Utah Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission.
R450-5-1. Purpose.
This rule establishes the membership, duties, and procedures of the Utah Martin Luther King Jr Human Rights Commission.
R450-5-2. Authority.
This rule is required by Subsection 9-21-401(9) and enacted under the authority of Sections 9-1-201, 9-1-202.2, and 9-21-401.
R450-5-3. Definitions.
The terms used in this rule are defined in Section 9-1-102 and 9-21-102.
R450-4-4. Membership and Duties of the Human Rights Commission.
(1) Membership and duties of the Utah Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission are outlined in Sections 9-21-401 through 9-21-402.
(2) A majority of the commission may request nominations for board members from organizations outside of the commission. Those nominations shall be submitted to the Governor for appointment.
R450-5-5. Procedures.
(1) The Commission may adopt standards and procedures governing its internal operations, programs, and meeting protocol, consistent with state statute and its purposes under Sections 9-21-401 through 9-21-402.
(2) Any such standards and procedures shall be set forth in printed or electronic materials and available to the public.
(3) Any proposed amendment to internal operating procedures, programs and meeting protocol shall be submitted in writing to each member of the commission in advance of the next regular meeting, at which time a majority of the commission is required for the adoption of the amendment. An amendment becomes effective immediately upon its ratification.
KEY: multicultural, boards and commissions, Martin Luther King, human rights
Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: April 5, 2021
Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 9-21-401