WAC 480-92-090: Site operator responsibility for complaints and disputes

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 480 > Chapter 480-92 > Section 480-92-090



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WAC 480-92-090

Site operator responsibility for complaints and disputes.

(1) If a site operator receives complaints or disputes regarding its operations, it must:
(a) Acknowledge the complaint;
(b) Investigate promptly;
(c) Report the results of the investigation to the complainant;
(d) Take corrective action, if warranted, as soon as appropriate under the circumstances;
(e) Tell the complainant the decision may be appealed to a higher level representative of the company, if any;
(f) Tell the complainant, if still dissatisfied after speaking with the higher level representative, of the commission's availability to review the complaint; and
(g) Provide the complainant with the commission's address and toll-free telephone number.
(2) Complainants may file with the commission:
(a) An informal complaint against a site operator as set forth in WAC 480-07-910; and/or
(b) A formal complaint against a site operator as set forth in RCW 81.108.080 and chapter 480-07 WAC.
(3) When commission staff refers an informal complaint to a site operator, the operator must:
(a) Investigate and respond to commission staff within two working days. Commission staff may grant an extension of time for responding to the complaint, if requested, and warranted; and
(b) Report regularly to commission staff about progress toward the solution and the final result.
(4) A site operator must keep a record of all complaints concerning service or rates for at least one year and, on request, make them readily available for commission review. The record must contain:
(a) The complainant's name and address;
(b) The date and nature of the complaint;
(c) The action taken; and
(d) The final result.
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