Agriculture and Food - Animal Industry - Custom Exempt Slaughter

Published: 2020-02-24

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R58. Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry.
R58-13. Custom Exempt Slaughter.
R58-13-1. Authority.
1) Promulgated under authority of Sections 4-32-107, 4-32-111, and Subsection 4-2-103(1)(i).
R58-13-2. Inspection Exemptions.
1) The Commissioner of Agriculture and Food may exempt the operation of any person from inspection or other requirements of Title 4, Chapter 32, to the extent operations would be exempt from corresponding requirements under the Federal Meat Inspection Act.
2) The commissioner or designee shall exempt from inspection the slaughtering and preparation by any person of any livestock which is exclusively for use by the owner of the livestock, members of his household, his nonpaying guests, or full-time employees.
3) The custom operator claiming exemption from inspection shall keep records showing the numbers and kinds of livestock slaughtered on a custom basis, the quantities and types of products prepared on a custom basis, and the names and addresses of the owners of the livestock and products.
4) Custom operators claiming exemption shall obtain a Utah State Brand Inspection or proof of ownership verification prior to slaughter for beef animals slaughtered at an exempt slaughter establishment.
5) The establishment in which custom operations are conducted will conform to sanitary requirements prescribed by the commissioner or designee and 9 CFR 308.4 through 308.11, 308.13, 308.14 and 308.3, except 308.3 (d) (2) and (3).
R58-13-3. Identification of Carcasses.
1) The carcass of each custom slaughtered animal shall be clearly and plainly marked "NOT FOR SALE," in letters not less than 3/8 of an inch in height, immediately after the slaughter process is completed.
2) The custom slaughtered carcass will be marked on each quarter of the carcass.
3) Custom prepared product shall be plainly marked "NOT FOR SALE," 3/8 inch letter height, immediately after being prepared, and kept so identified until delivered to the owner.
R58-13-4. Separation of Custom and Official Slaughtering.
1) If exempted custom slaughtering or other preparation of product is conducted in an official establishment, facilities and equipment in the official establishment used for custom operations shall be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before they are reused for preparing each product for sale.
2) Each exempted custom slaughtered carcass and product will be kept separate and away from each inspected carcass and product while in an official establishment.
3) Each custom slaughtered carcass will be kept not less than 36 inches apart in the nearest proximity from each inspected carcass in chill and holding coolers.
4) The construction of an exempted slaughter or processing establishment will conform to minimum requirements as prescribed by the commissioner or designee to assure adequate facilities for the purpose intended as required in the licensing act.
KEY: custom slaughter, food inspection, food safety
Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: February 24, 2020
Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 3-32-107; 4-32-110; 4-2-103(1)(i)