Alternative County Government - Board of Supervisors - Specific powers

Published: 2014-09-22

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§ 102. Specific powers. In pursuance of and in addition to all powers
specified in section one hundred one, the board of supervisors, subject
to the provisions of the alternative form adopted by the county, shall
have power to:

1. Create, organize, alter, consolidate or abolish administrative
units and transfer and assign their functions, powers and duties.

2. Exercise all powers of local legislation under the provisions of
article six of the county law or other act of the legislature.

3. Adopt the annual county budget as provided in article seven of the
county law.

4. Fix the compensation of all officers and employees of the county
paid from county funds, except judicial officers, as provided in the
county law.

5. Fix the number of deputies, assistants and clerks in the several
administrative units of the county.

6. Provide for the assumption and discharge by county officers and
other officials paid from county funds of such functions of cities,
towns and villages as may devolve upon the county under or pursuant to
the alternative form of county government, or modification or change,
adopted by the county.

7. Fix the amount of bonds of all officers and employees paid from
county funds.

8. Employ such legal, financial or other technical advisers as may be
necessary from time to time, in relation to the performance of any of
the functions of the alternative form of government adopted by the

9. Make appropriations, levy taxes and incur indebtedness in the
manner provided by law for the purpose of carrying out any of the
functions, powers and duties conferred or imposed on the county or on
any officer or administrative unit of the county, by the alternative
form of government adopted by the county or otherwise by law.

10. Make appropriation for the expenses of any advisory board.

11. Investigate the official conduct and the accounts, receipts,
disbursements, bills and affairs of any administrative unit or of any
officer paid from county funds of the county.

12. Make such studies and investigations as it deems to be in the best
interest of the county, and for such purposes subpoena witnesses,
administer oaths and require the production of books, papers and other
evidence deemed necessary or material to the inquiry.

13. Whenever it is not clear what officer shall exercise any power or
perform any duty conferred or imposed upon the county or an officer
thereof, designate the officer who shall perform the service. Pending
action by the board of supervisors, the county executive may make a
temporary assignment.

14. Determine and make provision for any matter of county government
not otherwise provided for, including any matter involved in transition
to the form of government adopted by the county.

15. Enact such county acts and make such reasonable rules and
regulations as may be necessary and proper to carry out the form of
alternative county government adopted by the county.