General Assembly: 74 (1992 Regular GA) - Chapter 1083 - Child day care

Published: 1992-04-14

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AN ACT relating to child day care and similar services concerning the state day care advisory committee and statewide resource and referral services.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 237 A.l, subsection 14, Code Supplement 1991, is amended to read as follows:

14. "State child day care advisory eommittee council" means the state child day care advi- sory eommittee council established pursuant to sections 237 A.21 and 237 A.22.

Sec. 2. Section 237 A.12, unnumbered paragraph 3, Code Supplement 1991, is amended to read as follows:

Rules relating to fire safety shall be adopted under this chapter by the state fire marshal in consultation with the department. Rules relating to sanitation shall be adopted by the depart- ment in consultation with the director of public health. All rules shall be developed in consul- tation with the state child day care advisory eommittee council. The state fire marshal shall inspect the facilities.

Sec. 3. Section 237 A.21, Code 1991, is amended to read as follows: 237A.21 STATE CHILD DAY CARE ADVISORY COMMITTEE COUNCIL. 1- There is established a-~ state child day care advisory eommittee t6 eeBSist- council ~ estab-

lished consisting of eleven not more than thirty-five members from urban and rural areas across the state. The membership shall include, but ~ not limited to, all of the following persons or representatives with an interest in child day care: (l.licensed center, (l. registered family day care home from (l. county with (l. population of less than twenty-two thousand, an unregistered family day care home, (l. parent Q! (l. child i!! child day care, appropriate governmental agen- cies, and other members as deemed necessary by the director. The membership eonsists at t-hree interested eitizens, t-hree parents at ehildren serve& tHHI- one provider at presehool, one provider ef fer profit day eare, one provider ef nonprofit day eare, one provider at fe6eral bead sta-l't- programs, ana one provider at family- day eare members are eligible for reimbursement of their actual and necessary expenses while engaged i!! performance Q! their official duties. ~ Members shall be appointed by the director from a list of names submitted by a nominat-

ing committee to consist of one member of the state day eare advisory eommittee council estab- lished pursuant to this section, one member of the department's child day care l:ffiit ef the depart- ment- staff, three consumers of child day care, and one member of a professional child day care organization. Two names shall be submitted for each appointment. Members shall be appointed for terms of three years but no member shall be appointed to more than two consecutive terms. The state day eare ad'lisory eommittee council shall write develop its own operational policies with which are subject to departmental approval.

! The membership Q! the council shall be appointed in (l. manner so as to provide equitable representation Q! persons with an interest in child day care and shall include all Q! the following:

<l..: Two parents Q! (l. child served by (l. family or ~ day care home. ~ Two parents Q! (l. child served by (l. licensed center. ~ Two not-for-profit child day care providers. !!- Two for profit child day care providers. ~ Two family day care home providers. !: Two ~ day care home providers. g. One child day care resource and referral service grantee. h- One nongovernmental child advocacy ~ representative. i: One designee of the department of human services or the Iowa department 2f" public health. i One designee Q! the department of education.


~ One head start program provider. !: Two legislators appointed !!! ~ manner so that both major political parties are represented.

Sec. 4. Section 237 A.22, Code 1991, is amended to read as follows: 237A.22 DUTIES OF STATE CHILD DAY CARE ADVISORY COMMITTEE COUNCIL. The state child day care advisory esmmittee council shall do all of the following: h Csnsult with and make reesmmeneatisns ~ t-he eepartment ifi t-he prsmulgatisn sf I'ufes.

UfHiep this ehapter. 2. Reesmmene imprs'lements ifi t-he lieensing and registratisn sf faeilities. 3. Ad-vise t-he eepartment 6ft lieensing fl6liey, planning, and priSFities. !: Consult with and make recommendations to the department concerning policy issues relat·

!!!g to child day care. ~ Advise the department concerning services relating to child day care, including but not

limited to any of the following: a. Resource and referral services. - - ~ Provider training. ~ Quality improvement. <!.: Public-private partnerships. ~ Standards review and development. ! Assist the department in developing an implementation plan to provide seamless service

to recipients ~ public assistance which includes child day care services. For the purposes of this subsection, "seamless service" means coordination, where possible, ~ the federal and state requirements which ~ to child day care.

4. Advise and provide technical services to the director of the department of education or the director's designee, upon request, relating to prekindergarten, kindergarten, and before and after school programming and facilities.

Sec. 5. Section 237 A.26, Code 1991, is amended to read as follows: 237A.26 STATEWIDE RESOURCE AND REFERRAL SERVICES. 1. The department shall administer a statewide grant program for child day care resource

and referral services. Grants shall only be awarded to community-based nonprofit incorpo- rated agencies and public agencies. Grants shall be awarded to facilitate the establishment of regional resource and referral agencies throughout the state, based upon the distribution of the child population in the state.

2. The department shall provide oversight of and annually evaluate an agency which is awarded a grant to provide resource and referral services to a region.

3. The eepaFtment shall pFs'liee teehnieal assistanee ~ ehlld day- eare faeilities ifi meeting theiF insuranee eS'leFage needs at a Feassnable eest-.-

4. 1ft esnsultatisn with FeSSUFee and refeFFal ageneies, t-he eepartment shall pFs'liee 6pfl6F- tunities ~ ehlld day- eare faeilities fap group pUFehasing sf equipment and supplies. a~. An agency which receives a grant to provide resource and referral services shall be

enesuragee ~ perform both of the following functions: a. Organize assistance to family and group day care homes ifi a three tieP apprsaeh whleh

esneentFates effaFt.s 6ft new pFsvieeFs, mseeFately expeFieneee prS'lieeFS, and highly- expeFieneee pFs'lieeFS as three eistinet gF61:tpS utilizing training levels based upon the homes' degrees ~ experience and interest.

b. Operate in partnership with both public and private interests and coordinate resource and referral services with existing community services.

{;!. An agency, to be eligible to receive a grant to provide resource and referral services, must match the grant with financial resources equal to at least twenty-five percent of the amount of the grant. The financial resources may include a private donation, an in-kind contribution, or a public funding source other than a separate state grant for child care service improvement.

'/-~. An agency, to be eligible to receive a grant to provide resource and referral services, must have a board of directors if the agency is an incorporated nonprofit agency or must have


an advisory board if the agency is a public agency, to oversee the provision of resource and referral services. The board shall include providers, consumers, and other persons interested in the provision or delivery of child day care services.

8~. An agency which receives a child care resource and referral grant may shall provide all of the following services:

a. Assist families in selecting quality child care. The agency must provide referrals to registered and licensed child day care facilities! and to persons providing care, supervision, or guidance of ~ child which ~ not defined as child day care under section 237 A.1 and may provide referrals to unregistered providers.

b. Assist child day care providers in adopting appropriate program and business practices to provide quality child care services.

c. Provide information to the public regarding the availability of child day care services in the communities within the agency's region.

d. Actively encourage the development of new and expansion of existing child day care facil- ities in response to identified community needs.

e. Provide specialized services to employers, including the provision of resource and refer- ral services to employee groups identified by the employer and the provision of technical assistance to develop employer-supported child day care programs opepateo 6ft 6i' Beal' the wel'k site.

f. Refer eligible child day care facilities to the federal child care food programs. g. Loan toys, other equipment, and resource materials to child day care facilities. h. lffi6i'm ehll8 day- eaPe faeilities pegapoing teelmieal assistanee available fP6fft the 8epaPt-

ment in obtaining insl:lpanee eovepage at a peasonable eest-. to Assist- the oepaptment in ppovioing ehll8 day- eaPe faeilities with oppoptl:lnities fop. ~

pl:lpenasing ef eql:lipment and sl:lpplies. j!!. Administer funding designated within the grant to provide a substitute caregiver pro-

gram for registered family and group day care homes to provide substitute care in ~ home when the home provider ~ ill, on vacation, receiving training, or ~ otherwise unable to pro- vide the care. ~ The department may contract with an agency receiving ~ child day care resource and

referral grant to perform any of the following functions relating to publicly funded services providing care, supervision, or guidance of ~ child:

!!.: Determine an individual's eligibility for the services in accordance with income requirements.

2.: Administer ~ voucher, certificate, or other system for reimbursing an eligible provider of the services.

Approved April 14, 1992