General Assembly: 74 (1992 Regular GA) - Chapter 1079 - Human services — field services organization

Published: 1992-04-14

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AN ACT establishing a department of human services' field services organizational structure and providing an effective date.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. NEW SECTION. 217.42 COUNTY CLUSTERS - OFFICES. 1. The organizational structure to deliver the department's field services shall be based upon

county clusters. A county cluster shall consist of a single county, or a group of counties which have joined together to serve as a basis for providing field services to persons residing in the county or counties comprising the cluster. The clusters shall be those designated by the depart- ment effective March 1, 1992. If it is necessary for the department to significantly modify its field operations or the composition of a designated county cluster, the department shall con- sult with the affected counties prior to implementing such action. A county may join a differ- ent cluster if it is mutually agreeable with the department and it occurs at the beginning of a fiscal year. The county boards of supervisors in a cluster shall advise the department on the selection of the area administrator responsible for the county cluster.

2. The department shall maintain an office in each county. Based on the annual appropria- tions for field operations, the department shall strive to maintain a full-time presence in each county. If it is not possible to maintain a full-time presence in each county, the department shall provide staff based on its caseweight system to assure the provision of services. The department shall consult with the county boards of supervisors of those counties regarding staffing prior to any modification of office hours.

3. A county or group of counties may voluntarily enter into a chapter 28E agreement with the department to provide funding or staff persons to deliver field services in county cluster and county offices. The agreement shall cover the full fiscal year but may be revised by mutual consent.

Sec. 2. NEW SECTION. 217.43 COUNTY CLUSTER BOARDS. 1. A county cluster board shall be established in each cluster. The purpose of a cluster board

is to improve communication and coordination between the department and the counties, advise the department on the placement of field service staff serving the cluster based on criteria of funded client caseweight, client need. utilization of existing space within each of the county offices. and effective service delivery. In addition. the board shall make recommendations to the county boards of supervisors concerning the equitable distribution of support costs of depart- mental staff.

2. Not more than five cluster board members shall be appointed for one-year terms by each of the county boards of supervisors of the counties comprising the county cluster. The follow- ing requirements apply to the appointments made by a county board of supervisors: the mem- bership shall be appointed in accordance with section 69.16. relating to political affiliation, and section 69.16A. relating to gender balance; not more than three members shall be members of the board of supervisors; and appointments shall be made on the basis of interest in public affairs. good judgment. and knowledge and ability in the field of human services. Appoint- ments shall be made a part of the regular proceedings of the board of supervisors and shall be filed with the county auditor and the county cluster administrator. A vacancy on the board shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment. The boards of supervisors shall develop and agree to other organizational provisions involving the cluster board including report- ing requirements.

3. The department shall determine the community in which the county office will be located. The county board of supervisors shall determine the location of the office space for the county office. The county board of supervisors shall make reasonable efforts to colocate


the office with other state and local governmental or private entity offices in order to main- tain the offices in a cost-effective location that is convenient to the public.

Sec. 3. SUBCHAPTER CREATED. The Code editor shall codify sections 217.42 and 217.43, as created in this Act, as a subchapter of chapter 217, entitled "Field Services Organization".

Sec. 4. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Act, being deemed of immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment.

Approved April 14, 1992



AN ACT relating to agricultural land tenure studies.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 266.39A, Code 1991, is amended to read as follows: 266.39A AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH. Iowa state university of science and technology shall conduct continuing agricultural research

to provide information about environmental and social impacts of agricultural research on the small or family farm and information about population trends and impact of the trends on Iowa agriculture, in addition to research that may include the categories specified in section 266.39B, subsection 2. The research shall include an agricultural land tenure study conducted every five years to determine the ownership of farmland, by eeuBty. and to analyze the ownership trends, using the categories of land ownership defined in chapter 172C. The study shall be conducted on the basis ~ regions established by the university. A region shall be composed of not more than twenty-three contiguous counties.

Approved April 14, 1992