General Assembly: 74 (1992 Regular GA) - Chapter 1074 - Purchase of recycled products

Published: 1992-04-14

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CH. 1074

AN ACT relating to the purchase of recycled products including recycled paper by state agencies.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 18.18, subsection 2, paragraph a, subparagraphs (1) and (2), Code Sup- plement 1991, are amended to read as follows:

(1) "Recycled paper" means a paper product with not less than fupty fifty percent of its total weight consisting of secondary and postconsumer material aHd reee'lerea papeI' material. At least ten percent of the total weight of recycled paper shall be postconsumer materials.

(2) "Postconsumer material" means only those products generated by a business or consumer which have served their intended end uses, and which have been separated or diverted from solid waste for the purposes of collection, recycling, and disposition. Postconsumer material does not include manufacturing wastes.

Sec. 2. Section 18.18, subsection 2, paragraph a, subparagraph (3), Code Supplement 1991, is amended by striking the subparagraph and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

(3) "Secondary material" means fragments of finished products or finished products of a manufacturing process which has converted a resource into a commodity of real economic value, and includes postconsumer material but does not include excess virgin resources of the manufac- turing process.

Sec. 3. Section 18.18, subsection 2, Code Supplement 1991, is amended by adding the fol- lowing new paragraphs:

NEW PARAGRAPH. c. The department shall adopt standards for the allowable content of postconsumer and secondary material of recycled paper which shall conform with but may be more stringent than the American society for testing and materials standards.

NEW PARAGRAPH. d. The department shall establish a prioritization procedure for the purchase of recycled paper which provides for a five percent differential in the cost of the pur- chase of paper which has been recycled through the use of a nonchlorinated process.

NEW PARAGRAPH. e. If a provision under this subsection results in the limitation of sources for the purchase of printing and writing paper to three or fewer sources, the depart- ment may waive the requirement in order to purchase necessary amounts of printing and writing paper.

NEW PARAGRAPH. f. The department, in conjunction with the department of natural resources, shall review the availability of a higher percentage content of postconsumer con- tent printing and writing paper and shall, by rule, adjust the percentage requirement accordingly.

Sec. 4. Section 18.18, subsection 2, Code Supplement 1991, is amended by adding the fol- lowing new paragraph:

NEW PARAGRAPH. g. Notwithstanding the requirements of this subsection regarding the purchase of recycled paper, the department shall purchase acid-free permanent paper in the amount necessary for the production or reproduction of documents, papers, or similar materials produced or reproduced for permanent preservation pursuant to law.

Sec. 5. Section 18.18, Code 1991,* is amended by adding the following new subsection: NEW SUBSECTION. 8. The department of general services, by January 1, 1993, shall seek

an agreement with the agencies of the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin authorized to pur- chase general use items for state agencies, to provide for the cooperative purchase of recycled products.

Approved April 14, 1992

'Code Supplement 1991 probably intended