General Assembly: 75 (1993 Regular GA) - Chapter 100 - Reporting of information for law enforcement purposes

Published: 1993-05-04

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5. A person shall not use a minnow dip net which exceeds four feet in diameter, a cast net which exceeds ten feet in diameter, or! minnowseine which exceeds fifteeB. twenty feet in length or has a mesh size smaller than one-quarter inch bar measure. Licensed bait dealers may obtain a permit from the department to use minnow seines longer than fifteeB. twenty feet, but not exceeding fifty feet in length.

Sec. 6. Sections 481A.63, 481A.80, 481A.81, and 481A.82, Code 1993, are repealed.

Approved May 4, 1993


H.F. 451

AN ACT relating to certain reports required to be reported by, or to, sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa.·

Section 1. Section 100A.1, subsection 1, Code 1993, is amended by adding the following new paragraph:

NEW PARAGRAPH. i. The sheriff of the county in which the fire occurs.

Sec. 2. Section 147.111, Code 1993, is amended to read as follows: 147.111 REPORT OF TREATMENT OF WOUNDS. Any person licensed under the provisions of this subtitle, excluding chapters 152B and 152C,

who shall administer any treatment to any person suffering &ft iftjuPy- of vielenee ! gunshot or stab wound or other serious bodily injury, as defined in section 702.18, which appears to have been received in connection with the commission of a criminal offense, or to whom an application is made for treatment of any nature because of any such gunshot or stab wound or other serious injury of vielenee, as defined in section 702.18, shall at once but not later than twelve hours thereafter, report said that factto the shePiff of the eeuBty iB wftieh said law enforcement agency within whose juriSdiction the treatment was administered or an applica- tion therefor was made, or !Ii9Certainable, to the law enforcement agency in whose jurisdic- tion the gunshot or stab wound or other serious bodily injury occurred, stating thePeiB the name of such person, the person's residence if ascertainable, and giving a brief description of the gunshot or stab wound or other serious bodily injury. Any provision of law or rule of evidence relative to confidential communications is suspended insofar as the provisions hePeef of this section are concerned.

Sec. 3. Section 147.112, Code 1993, is amended to read as follows: 147.112 REPORT BY SHERIFF LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY. The shePiff of any eeuBty law enfOrCement agency who has received any report required

by this chapter and who has any reason to believe that the person injured was involved in the commission of any crime, either as perpetrator or victim, shall at once Pep6Pt said faet, giYiBg all the Elet&ils Pelative thePete te the ehief of the buPetm of investigation commence an investigation into the circumstances of the gunshot or stab wound or other serious bodily injury and make ! report of the investigation to the county attorney in whose jurisdiction the gun- shot or stab wound or other serious bodily injury occurred. Ne shePiff Law enforcement per- sonnel shall not divulge any information received under the provisions of this section and sec- tion 147.111 to any person other than a law enforcing officer, and then only in connection with the investigation of the alleged commission of a crime.

Approved May 4, 1993



S.F. 206


AN ACT relating to educational finances, activities, and procedures and providing effective and applicability date provisions.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:


Section 101. Section 256.12, subsection 2, Code 1993, is amended to read as follows: 2. This section does not deprive the respective boards of public school districts of any of

their legal powers, statutory or otherwise, and in accepting the specially enrolled students, each of the boards shall prescribe the terms of the special enrollment, including but not limited to scheduling of courses and the length of class periods. In addition, the board of the affected public school district shall be given notice by the department of its decision to permit the spe- cial enrollment not later than six months prior to the opening of the affected public school district's school year, except that the board of the public school district may waive the notice requirement. School districts and area education agency boards may shall make public school services, which may shall include health sep•Jiees: special education programs and services; diagaestie serviees fer. speeelr, heariag, aad psyehelegieal parpeses: and may include health services; services for remedial education programs, guidance services, and school testing ser- vices, available to children attending nonpublic schools in the same manner and to the same extent that they are provided to public school students. However, services that are made avail- able shall be provided on neutral sites, or in mobile units located off the nonpublic school premises as determined by the boards of the school districts and area education agencies provid- ing the services, and not on nonpublic school property, except for health services and diagnos- tic services for speech, hearing, and psychological purposes, which may be provided on non- public school premises, with the permission of the lawful custodian.

Sec. 102. Section 256B.8, unnumbered paragraph 1, Code 1993, is amended to read as follows: It is not incumbent upon the school districts to keep a child requiring special education in

regular instruction when the child cannot sufficiently profit from the work of the regular class- room, nor to keep a child requiring special education in the special class or instruction for chil- dren requiring special education when it is determined by the diPeeteP ef speeial edaeatiea ef aft area edaeatiea ageaey diagnostic educational team that the child can no longer benefit from the instruction or needs more specialized instruction available in special schools. However, the school district shall count the child requiring special education in the enrollment as provided in sections 256B.9, 257.6, and 273.9 and shall ensure that appropriate educational provisions are made for the child requiring special education witJHft the limits ef meaeys available liBdeF- thls ehapteP aad ehapters 26!1- aad 2!13.


Sec. 201. Section 256.46, Code 1993, is amended to read as follows: 256.46 RULES FOR PARTICIPATION IN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES BY CER-

TAIN CHILDREN. The state board shall adopt rules that permit a child who does not meet the residence require-

ments for participation in extracurricular interscholastic contests or competitions sponsored or administered by an organization as defined in section 280.13 to participate in the contests or competitions immediately if the child is duly enrolled in a school, is otherwise eligible to participate, and meets one of the following circumstances or a similar circumstance: the child has been adopted; the child is placed under foster or shelter care; the child is living with one of the child's parents as a result of divorce, separation, death, or other change in the child's parents' marital relationship; the child is ep has beeR a foreign exchange student; the child