General Assembly: 75 (1994 Regular GA) - Chapter 1083 - Employment under school district sharing agreements

Published: 1994-04-19

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CH. 1083

AN ACT relating to child abuse investigations by requiring communication between the depart- ment of human services and a physician who conducts an examination of a child who is alleged to be abused.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 232.71, subsection 5, Code Supplement 1993, is amended to read as follows: 5. a. The department of human services may request information from any person believed

to have knowledge of a child abuse case. The county attorney, any law enforcement or social services agency in the state, and any mandatory reporter, whether or not the reporter made the specific child abuse report, shall cooperate and assist in the investigation upon the request of the department of human services. The county attorney and appropriate law enforcement agencies shall also take any other lawful action which may be necessary or advisable for the protection of the child. ~ !! the department refers ~ child to ~ physician for ~ physical examination, the depart-

ment shall contact the physician concerning the examination within twenty-four hours of mak- !!!g the referral. !! the physician who performs the examination upon referral ~ the depart- ment reasonably believes the child has been abused, the physician shall report to the department within twenty-four hours of performing the examination.

Approved April 19, 1994



AN ACT relating to employment under school district whole grade sharing agreements.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 280.15, subsection I, Code 1993, is amended to read as follows: 1. Two or more public school districts may jointly employ and share the services of any school

personnel, or acquire and share the use of classrooms, laboratories, equipment and facili- ties. Classes made available to students in the manner provided in this section shall be consi- dered as complying with the requirements of section 275.1 relating to the maintenance of kin- dergarten and twelve grades by a school district. If students attend classes in another school district under this section under an agreement that provides for whole grade sharing, the boards of directors of districts entering into these agreements shall provide for sharing the costs and expenses as provided in sections 282.10 through 282.12. ShaFiRg agpeemeRts shall JlFe'liae that aay peFS6R who is ~ aft emJlleyee at the time aft agpeemeRt is sigBed shall ~ be emJlleyea iR aay JlFefessieRal JlesitieR, tiBEleP the teFm& of the agpeemeRt, fop- whieh a eUFFeRt emJlleyee of aay of the aistFiets iR'lel'lea iR the agpeemeRt helds aft aJlJlFeJlFiate lieeRse-;- mHess the pFefes- sieRal JlositieR is aft aamiRistFatOF JlositieR OF the JlFefessioRal JlesitieR is ~ effeFed to the eUFFeRt emJlleyee. !! ~ district that has entered into ~ whole grade sharing agreement deter- mines that ~ need exists to hire additional employees because of the whole grade sharing agree- ment, the district shall determine the nature and number of the necessary new positions. The district terminating employees as ~ result of ~ whole grade sharing agreement shall notify ~ other district, which ~ ~ party to the agreement, of the names and addresses of those


terminated. Individuals who were employed by!! district that entered into!! whole grade shar- !!!g agreement and who were terminated as !! result of the agreement shall be notified that the new positions exist and that they may ~ for the new positions. The board shall offer the new position to an applicant from among those who were terminated as !! result of the agreement if the applicant ~ licensed for the new position or, in the case of unlicensed person- nel, ~ otherwise qualified. !! two or more individuals from among those terminated as !! result of the agreement ~ for !! single position, the applicant who ~ best qualified in the opinion of the board shall be offered the new position. However, the board ~ not required to offer !! new position to applicants who were among those who were terminated as !! result of the agreement beyond two school years. An employee who accrued benefits before !! whole grade sharing agreement resulted in the employee's termination shall not, as !! result of reemploy- ment under this section, forfeit accrued vacation, accrued sick leave, longevity, completion of probationary status as defined by section 279.19, or salary or placement on !! salary schedule based upon the employee's years of experience.

Approved April 19, 1994



AN ACT relating to college education financing through a provision for the state board of regents to issue bonds.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 262A.6A, subsection 1, Code 1993, is amended to read as follows: 1. The board shall issue bonds autflapizea Ufl6ep seetioo 262AA by- the Seventy seeana C enepal

JA~ssemely in an amount not exceeding nineteen mi11ien 00llaPs i and fP6ffl the {apty ane mi11ien three flunapea tflausana 00llaPs autflapizea by-l-9OO Iewa Aets,- efla13tep ±2't3, in an amaunt net exeeeaing fifteen mi11ien ~ fifty percent of the amount of bonds authorized pursuant to section 262A.4 by the Seventy-fifth General Assembly during the 1994 regular session'" in the form of capital appreciation bonds as provided in this section rather than the form prescribed in sections 262A.5 and 262A.6. The capital appreciation bonds shall be designed to be mar- keted primarily to Iowans to facilitate savings for future higher education costs.

Approved April 19, 1994

'See Chapter 1195 herein