General Assembly: 76 (1995 Regular GA) - Chapter 181 - Legalization of Keokuk property transfer

Published: 1995-05-16

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jurisdiction's statutes which substantially correspond to domestic abuse assault as pro- vided in section 708.2A In addition, the court shall not defer a sentence if it is imposed for a conviction for or plea of guilty to a violation of section 236.8 or for contempt pursuant to section 236.8 or 236.14. Upon a showing that the defendant is not fulfilling the conditions of probation, the court may revoke probation and impose any sentence authorized by law. Before taking such action, the court shall give the defendant an opportunity to be heard on any matter relevant to the proposed action. Upon violation of the conditions of probation, the court may proceed as provided in chapter 908.

Sec. 18. The commissioner of insurance shall evaluate model legislation which will be proposed by the national association of insurance commissioners regarding using domes- tic abuse as a factor in determining whether a person shall be offered insurance coverage and make recommendations to the general assembly regarding adopting the model legis- lation.

Approved May 16, 1995


S.F. 468

AN ACI' to legalize the transfer of certain property by the City of Keokuk and providing an effective date.

WHEREAS, the City of Keokuk, by quitclaim deed dated November 30, 1993, andre- corded on December 2, 1993, transferred certain property, namely vacated F Street, lots seven, ten, and eleven, in block seventeen, Reid's addition to the City of Keokuk, to Clarence and Rose Bergheger; and

WHEREAS, section 364.7 of the Code of Iowa requires the city council to adopt a resolu- tion regarding the proposed sale of city property, publish notice of the proposal, hold a public hearing on the proposal, and then adopt another resolution authorizing the sale; and

WHEREAS, neither the abstract of the property nor city records indicate that the city council of the City of Keokuk complied with the requirements of section 364.7; and

WHEREAS, the lack of recorded evidence of compliance by the city with section 364.7 has clouded the title of the property; NOW THEREFORE,

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. All proceedings taken by the city council of the City of Keokuk regarding the transfer of the property described as vacated F Street, lots seven, ten, and eleven, in block seventeen, Reid's addition to the City of Keokuk, are hereby legalized and constitute a valid and binding disposal of city property in accordance with section 364.7.

Sec. 2. This Act, being deemed of immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment.

Approved May 16, 1995