General Assembly: 76 (1995 Regular GA) - Chapter 110 - Recording of intergovernmental agreements

Published: 1995

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aeeaant af the ne:Kt saeeeeamg emplayer v;ith •uham the indFAdaal reqaalified fer aen efits as determined respeetWely t:lBder seetian 96.5, saaseetian 1, paragraph "g" and see tian 96.5, st:lBseetian 2, paragraph "a" unemployment compensation fund. Hawever, the saeeeeding emplayer's aeeat:lBt shall first ae ehaFged vfith aenefits paid to the indYiidaal dae ta ·uage eredits earned 'by the mdi¥idt:lal vAHle emplayed 'by the saeeeeding emplayer. Alter exhat!Sting these V+'age eredits, the St:leeeeding emplayer's aeeat:lBt shall nat ae ehaFged with ten weeliS af aenefits paid ta the indYiidaal dae to •.vage eredits eamed 'by the mdi vidt:lal frem a previat:lS emplayer, eat Father the unemplayment eompeBSatian fund shall ae eharged. After exhat!Sting the tea weeliS af nanel:tMgiag, the saeeeeamg emplayer's aeeat:lBt shall again ae eharged v;ith the aenefits paid. This paragraph applies to both contributory and reimbursable employers. notwithstanding section 96.8, subsection 5.

Sec. 5. Section 96.7, subsection 2, paragraph a, subparagraph (2), unnumbered para- graph 4, Code 1995, is amended by striking the unnumbered paragraph.

Sec. 6. APPUCABIU1Y DATE. This Act applies to all decisions concerning claims for benefits issued on or after July 2, 1995.

Approved April27, 1995


S.F. 176

AN ACI' relating to the filing of intergovernmental agreements for the joint exercise of governmental powers in certain counties.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 28E.8, Code 1995, is amended to read as follows: 28E.8 FlUNG AND RECORDING. Before entry into force, an agreement made pursuant to this chapter shall be filed with

the secretary of state and recorded with the county recorder. In counties in which the office of county recorder is abolished. the agreement shall be recorded with the county auditor.

Approved April27, 1995