General Assembly: 76 (1996 Regular GA) - Chapter 1156 - Multidisciplinary community services teams

Published: 1996-04-23

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3. Include, at a minimum, the following information: a. The proprietor's name and business address and the name and location of each place

of business to which the contract applies. b. The name of the performing rights society. c. The duration of the contract. d. The schedule of rates and terms of the royalties to be collected under the contract,

including any sliding scale or schedule for any increase or decrease of rates for the dura- tion of the contract.

Sec. 5. NEW SECTION. 549.5 IMPROPER UCENSING PRACTICES. A performing rights society shall not collect, or attempt to collect, from a proprietor

licensed by that performing rights society, a royalty payment except as provided in a con- tract executed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

Sec. 6. NEW SECTION. 549.6 INVESTIGATIONS. This chapter shall not be construed to prohibit a performing rights society from conduct-

ing investigations to determine the existence of music use by a proprietor or informing a proprietor of the proprietor's obligations under the federal copyright law, 17 U.S.C. § 101 et seq.

Sec. 7. NEW SECTION. 549.7 REMEDIES - INJUNCTION. A person who suffers a violation of this chapter may bring an action to recover actual

damages and reasonable attorney's fees and to seek an injunction or any other available remedy.

Sec. 8. NEW SECTION. 549.8 REMEDIES CUMUlATIVE. The rights, remedies, and prohibitions contained in this chapter shall be in addition to

and cumulative of any other right, remedy, or prohibition accorded by common law or state or federal law. This chapter shall not be construed to deny, abrogate, or impair any such common law or statutory right, remedy, or prohibition.

Sec. 9. NEW SECTION. 549.9 EXCEPTIONS. This chapter shall not apply to a contract between a performing rights society or a copy-

right owner and a broadcaster licensed by the federal communications commission, or to a contract with a cable operator, programmer, or other transmission service. This chapter shall not apply to a nondramatic musical or similar work performed in synchronization with an audio or visual film or tape. This chapter shall also not apply to the gathering of information to determine compliance with or activities related to the enforcement of sec- tion 714.15.

Approved April 23, 1996



AN ACf creating multidisciplinary community services teams and providing a penalty.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:



1. A county or multicounty consortium of agencies providing health, counseling, eco- nomic assistance, education, law enforcement, or therapeutic services may establish a multidisciplinary team for the more effective planning and delivery of services to an indi- vidual or family under the following conditions:

a. The team complies with federal regulations regarding confidentiality. b. The agencies comprising the team have written confidentiality standards. c. The agencies comprising the team enter into an annual interagency agreement to

comply with confidentiality standards specified in the agreement. d. An agency initiating a multidisciplinary team obtains a signed agreement from an

individual authorizing the team to share information concerning the individual or the individual's family on a confidential basis.

2. The activities of a multidisciplinary community services team shall not duplicate the activities of a multidisciplinary team for child abuse under section 235A.13, dependent adult abuse activities under section 235B.6, area education agency activities under section 294A.14, or child victim services provided under section 910A.16.

3. A multidisciplinary community services team shall select a chairperson and other officers as deemed necessary by the members of the team. A multidisciplinary community services team is not a governmental body as defined in section 2l.2 and is not subject to the provisions of chapter 21, relating to open meetings. Notwithstanding chapter 22, the confidentiality of information in the possession of a multidisciplinary team which is re- quired by law to be confidential shall be maintained except as specifically provided by this section.

4. The members of a multidisciplinary community services team are expressly autho- rized to orally disclose personally identifying information to one another which is other- wise required by law to be confidential. Disclosure of confidential information other than oral information between team members under provisions of this section is expressly pro- hibited.

5. A member of a multidisciplinary community services team shall not use confidential information obtained from another team member except in the best interests of the sub- ject of the confidential information and shall not disclose such information to another person except as otherwise authorized by law. A member of a multidisciplinary commu- nity services team who willfully uses or discloses confidential information in violation of this section commits a serious misdemeanor. Notwithstanding section 903.1, the penalty for a person convicted pursuant to this subsection is a fine of not more than five hundred dollars in the case of a first offense and not more than five thousand dollars in the case of each subsequent offense.

Approved April 23, 1996



AN ACT relating to the open enrollment application and implementation process and to instructional support for reorganized school districts.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section l. Section 282.18, subsection 2, Code 1995, is amended to read as follows: 2. By Oe4:ehef' ag January 1 of the preceding school year, the parent or guardian shall