General Assembly: 78 (1999 Regular GA) - Chapter 42 - Physician assistants and advanced registered nurse practitioners — hospital clinical privileges

Published: 1999

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f. Any policies addressing investigational or experimental treatments. g. The methodologies used to compensate providers. h. Performance measures as determined by the commissioner and the director. i. Information on how to access internal and external grievance procedures.


2. The commissioner and the director shall annually publish a consumer guide providing a comparison by plan on performance measures, network composition, and other key infor- mation to enable consumers to better understand plan differences.

Sec. 22. EFFECTIVE DATE. Sections 7 through 20 of this Act, which create new chapter 514J, take effect January 1, 2000.

Approved April21, 1999



AN ACT relating to hospital clinical privileges of a physician assistant or advanced registered nurse practitioner.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 135B.7, unnumbered paragraph 2, Code 1999, is amended to read as follows:

The rules shall state that a hospital shall not deny clinical privileges to physicians and surgeons, podiatric physicians, osteopaths, osteopathic surgeons, dentists, 6f' certified health service providers in psychology. physician assistants. or advanced registered nurse practi- tioners licensed under chapter 148, ll8.C.. 149, 150, 150A, lQ.2.... or 153, or section 154B.7~ solely by reason of the license held by the practitioner or solely by reason of the school or institution in which the practitioner received medical schooling or postgraduate training if the medical schooling or postgraduate training was accredited by an organization recog- nized by the council on postsecondary accreditation or an accrediting group recognized by the United States department of education. A hospital may establish procedures for interac- tion between a patient and a practitioner. Nothing in the The rules shall nQ1 prohibit a hospital from limiting, restricting, or revoking clinical privileges of a practitioner for viola- tion of hospital rules, regulations, or procedures established under this paragraph, when applied in good faith and in a nondiscriminatory manner. ~lothing in this This paragraph shall nQ1 require a hospital to expand the hospital's current scope of service delivery solely to offer the services of a class of providers not currently providing services at the hospital. Nothing in this This section shall nQ1 be construed to require a hospital to establish rules which are inconsistent with the scope of practice established for licensure of practitioners to whom this paragraph applies. This section shall not be construed to authorize the denial of clinical privileges to a practitioner or class of practitioners solely because a hospital has as employees of the hospital identically licensed practitioners providing the same or similar services.

Approved April21, 1999