General Assembly: 78 (2000 Regular GA) - Chapter 1078 - Rural water district infrastructure financing

Published: 2000-04-12

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and emergency medical service personnel and to provide death and survivor benefits, in- cluding but not limited to providing for payment of postsecondary education expenses of dependent children, when a volunteer fire fighter or emergency medical service provider dies in the line of duty. The study shall examine what benefits should be provided, if any, as well as possible funding mechanisms to provide any such proposed benefits, including the use of excess insurance premium tax receipts, but excluding the fire and police retirement fund created in section 411.8. In conducting the study, the department shall consult with the department of public safety; the department of personnel; and representatives from the Iowa firemen's association; the Iowa fire chief's association; the Iowa association of professional firefighters; the Iowa association of professional fire chiefs; the Iowa firefighters group; the state fire service and emergency response council, if established by law, or the fire service institute advisory committee established by section 266.46; the Iowa emergency medical services association; and the Iowa league of cities. The department shall submit a report concerning the results of its study, including any findings and recommendations, to the general assembly by January 8, 2001.

Approved April 12, 2000



AN ACT relating to the construction or acquisition of infrastructure by rural water districts by providing for financing and exempting certain debt instruments from taxation.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 357A.ll, subsection 9, Code 1999, is amended to read as follows: 9. Finance all or part of the cost of the construction or purchase of a project necessary to

carry out the purposes for which the district is incorporated or to refinance all or part of the original cost of that project, including, but not limited to, obligations originated by the district as a nonprofit corporation under chapter 504A and assumed by the district reorga- nized under this chapter. Financing or refinancing carried out under this subsection shall be in accordance with the terms and procedures set forth in the applicable provisions of sections 384.24A. 384.83 through 384.88, 384.92, and 384.93. References in these sections to a city shall be applicable to a rural water district operating under this chapter, and refer- ences in that division to a city council shall be applicable to the board of directors of a rural water district. This subsection shall not create a lien against the property of a person who is not a rural water subscriber.

Sec. 2. Section 357 A.15, unnumbered paragraph 1, Code 1999, is amended to read as follows: N6 A district shall not have any power to levy any taxes. P'kither the The facilities con-

structed or otherwise acquired by any a district, including but not limited to ponds, reser- voirs, pipelines, wells, check dams, and pumping installations, the revenues obtained by the


district from the sale of water, OOF and the revenue bonds or notes. or interest tbererroffi from the revenue bonds or notes. issued by aay 51 district shall !lQ1 be taxable in any manner by the state of Iowa or any of its political subdivisions.

Approved April 12, 2000



AN ACT prohibiting the use of a telephone listing that misrepresents the name and location of a business and making penalties applicable.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 714.16, subsection 2, Code 1999, is amended by adding the following new paragraph:

NEW PARAGRAPH. n. (1) It is an unlawful practice for a person to misrepresent the geographic location of a supplier or a service or product by listing a fictitious business name or an assumed business name in a local telephone directory or directory assistance data- base if all of the following apply:

(a) The name purportedly represents the geographic location of the supplier. (b) The listing does not identify the address, including the city and state, of the supplier. (c) Calls made to a local telephone number are routinely forwarded to or otherwise trans-

ferred to a business location that is outside the local calling area covered by the local tele- phone directory or directory assistance database.

(2) A telephone company, provider of directory assistance, publisher of a local telephone directory, or officer, employee, or agent of such company, provider, or publisher shall not be liable in a civil action under this section for publishing in any directory or directory assis- tance database the listing of a fictitious or assumed business name of a person in violation of subparagraph (1) unless the telephone company, directory assistance provider, directory publisher, or officer, employee, or agent of the company, provider, or publisher is the person committing such violation.

(3) For purposes of this paragraph: (a) "Local telephone directory" means a telephone classified advertising directory or the

business section of a telephone directory that is distributed free of charge to some or all telephone subscribers in a local area directory.l

(b) "Local telephone number" means a telephone number that has a three-number prefix used by the provider of telephone service for telephone customers physically located within the area covered by the local telephone directory in which the number is listed. The term does not include long distance numbers or 800, 888, or 900 exchange numbers listed in the telephone directory.

Approved April 12, 2000

1 See chapter 1232, §85 herein