General Assembly: 78 (2000 Regular GA) - Chapter 1006 - Discontinuance of cities — procedures

Published: 2000-03-09

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required to accompany the application under subsection 4 shall certify that the vehicle was manufactured in compliance with the national highway and traffic safety administration standards for low-speed vehicles in 49 C.F.R. § 571.500.

Sec. 3. Section 321.116, Code 1999, is amended to read as follows: 321.116 ELECTRIC AUTOMOBILES. For an electric motor vehicle the annual fee is twenty-five dollars. However, if an electric

motor vehicle is more than five model years old the annual registration fee is fifteen dollars. This section does not apply to low-speed vehicles that are electric.

Sec. 4. NEW SECTION. 321.381A OPERATION OF LOW-SPEED VEHICLES. A low-speed vehicle shall not be operated on a street with a posted speed limit greater than

thirty-five miles per hour. This section shall not prohibit a low-speed vehicle from crossing a street with a posted speed limit greater than thirty-five miles per hour.

Approved March 9, 2000



AN ACT relating to procedures for discontinuance of a city.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 368.3, Code 1999, is amended by adding the following new unnum- bered paragraph after unnumbered paragraph 1:

NEW UNNUMBERED PARAGRAPH. A city may also be discontinued in accordance with the following procedures. The council shall adopt a resolution of intent to discontinue and shall call a public hearing on the proposal to discontinue. Notice of the time and place of the public hearing and the proposed action shall be published as provided in section 362.3, except that at least ten days' notice must be given. At the public hearing, the council shall receive oral and written comments regarding the proposal from any person. Thereaf- ter, the council, at the same meeting or at a subsequent meeting, may pass a resolution of discontinuance or pass a resolution abandoning the proposal. If the council passes a reso- lution of discontinuance, a petition may be filed with the clerk in the manner provided in section 362.4, within thirty days following the effective date of the resolution, requesting that the question of discontinuance be submitted to the registered voters of the city. Upon receipt of a petition requesting an election, the council shall direct the county commissioner of elections to call a special election on the question of discontinuance or shall adopt a resolution abandoning the discontinuance. Notice of the election shall be given by publica- tion as required in section 49.53. If a majority of those voting approve the discontinuance or if no petition for an election is filed, the clerk shall send a copy of the resolution of discon- tinuance and, if an election is held, the results of the election to the board. The board shall take control of the property of the discontinued city and shall supervise procedures neces- sary to carry out the discontinuance in accordance with section 368.21.

Approved March 14,2000