General Assembly: 80 (2003 Regular GA) - Chapter 65 - Sexual exploitation of a minor

Published: 1857-01-29

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• CHAPTER 23t.


AN ACT roll" the reli,r of J. L. ZOML

SEOTION 1. Il8 it enacted iJy tlt, General A_mtlytUtM.,.tJ ... 81au of IO'IJ)a, That the sum of one hundrpd and twenty- fivo dollars, be, Rnd the ~a'ne is hereby appropriated out of any moncy ill tbe treasury, not· otherwise appropriated, to J. J..,. Jones, in payment for services rendered by him in the. institution 10r tho blind.

SEO. 2. This act to take effect and be in force from and after its publication in tho Iowa Capital Ueporter aDd Iowa City Hppublican.

Approved January 29, 1857.

I CPl'tify tbat the r01't'goiDIt act '11'81 publlJlhed In the Iowa Cit1 Republican, 'elt. te, 1867, aDel ia the IU'II'8 Capital Reponer F .. b. U, 1867.

ELIJAH SELLS, (Ieo'y of 8tate.



.\It ACT to rat.blillb a State road.

SEcmoN 1. .& it enacted lJy tlt, General A_mUy tU tMCeia ........ State If 10'I.Ca, That A1Ien Mullenix, nf' Clayton county; n. C\.Lacy, ot' 1-'8)"('tto cllunty. and M. V. lllll'diii,of IIo\v- ard COUlIty, bc, and they are hereby appointed commissioD- ers to locate and cstaLlish n. State road, commclIcillg at We,t Union, in Fayette connty, to be l<X'8ted upon the Illost fellf'able route via StaC'p-iIIc, in Mitdloll county. to the northern houndary of' the State, in Mln~e eighteen (18) west, there to inter"ect a territorial rnad in Minn(·sota.

Uo 2. That tho commi8~ionprll, 01' a mAjt'rity of them .... llerein app··inted to locate said road, fhall meet on the first lrondpy ill J I\]y, or within three llI"nths thereafter, at W eat Uaion, !'ayotte eount,Y, aDd ta.U to their aaaist.aDco tbo ~


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