General Assembly: 82 (2008 Regular GA) - Chapter 1080 - Sustainable natural resource funding advisory committee

Published: 2008-04-11

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weeks immediately preceding the injury. If the employee was absent from employment for reasons personal to the employee during part of the thirteen calendar weeks preceding the in- jury, the employee’s weekly earnings shall be the amount the employee would have earned had the employee worked when work was available to other employees of the employer in a similar occupation. A week which does not fairly reflect the employee’s customary earnings shall be replaced by the closest previous week with earnings that fairly represent the em- ployee’s customary earnings. 7. In the case of an employee who has been in the employ of the employer less than thirteen

calendar weeks immediately preceding the injury, the employee’s weekly earnings shall be computed under subsection 6, taking the earnings, including shift differential pay but not in- cluding overtimeor premiumpay, for suchpurpose to be the amount the employeewould have earned had the employee been so employed by the employer the full thirteen calendar weeks immediately preceding the injury and had worked, whenwork was available to other employ- ees in a similar occupation. If the earnings of other employees cannot be determined, the em- ployee’sweekly earnings shall be theaverage computed for thenumber ofweeks theemployee has been in the employ of the employer.

Sec. 2. Section 85.59, unnumbered paragraph 4, Code 2007, is amended to read as follows: If an inmate is permanently incapacitated by injury in the performance of the inmate’s work

in connectionwith themaintenance of the institution, in an industry maintained in the institu- tion, or in an industry referred to in section 904.809, while on detail to perform services on a public works project, or while performing services authorized pursuant to section 904.809, or is permanently or temporarily incapacitated in connection with the performance of unpaid community service under the direction of the district court, board of parole, or judicial district department of correctional services, or in connection with the provision of services pursuant to a chapter 28E agreement entered into pursuant to section 904.703, or who is performing a work assignment of value to the state or to the public under chapter 232, that inmate shall be awarded only the benefits provided in section 85.27 and section 85.34, subsections 2 and 3. The weekly rate for such permanent disability is equal to sixty-six and two-thirds percent of the state averageweekly wage paid employees as determined by the department of workforce development under section 96.19, subsection 36, and in effect at the timeof the injury themini- mum rate as provided in this chapter.

Approved April 11, 2008


CH. 1080CH. 1080



H.F. 2580

AN ACT providing for a sustainable natural resource funding advisory committee.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. SUSTAINABLENATURAL RESOURCE FUNDING ADVISORY COMMITTEE. There is established a sustainable natural resource funding advisory committee. 1. The advisory committee shall include all of the following members: a. (1) The director of the department of natural resources who shall be the chairperson of

the advisory committee.


(2) The secretary of agriculture or the secretary’s designee. b. A commissioner of a soil and water conservation district appointed by the governor. c. (1) A representative from each of the following interest organizations appointed by the

governor: (a) Ducks unlimited. (b) The Iowa chapter of the sierra club. (c) The nature conservancy. (d) Iowa association of county conservation boards. (e) Iowa environmental council. (f) Iowa farm bureau federation. (g) Iowa farmers union. (h) Iowa land improvement contractors association. (i) Iowa natural heritage foundation. (j) Iowa renewable fuels association. (k) Iowa rivers revival. (l) Izaak Walton league of America. (m) Pheasants forever. (2) In making appointments, the governor may accept nominations from the interested or-

ganizations and may reappoint persons who served on the advisory committee pursuant to 2006 Iowa Acts, chapter 1185, section 43. d. Fourmembers of the general assemblywho serve as ex officio, nonvotingmembers. The

members shall be appointed as follows: (1) Twomembers of the senate, one of whom is appointed by themajority leader of the sen-

ate after consultation with the president of the senate and one of whom is appointed by the minority leader of the senate after consultation with the president of the senate. (2) Twomembers of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house af-

ter consultation with the minority leader. 2. A vacancy shall be filled by the original appointing authority in themanner of the original

appointment. 3. Thepurpose of the advisory committee is to continue the efforts of the sustainablenatural

resource funding advisory committee established pursuant to 2006 Iowa Acts, chapter 1185, section 43. The committee shall study how to provide one ormore sustainable sources of fund- ing for natural resources and outdoor recreation needs in Iowa. The advisory committee shall advisemembers of the general assembly in efforts to establish or administer sustainable fund- ing sources. 4. The department of natural resources shall provide staffing for the advisory committee. 5. The advisory committee shall submit a report to the general assembly on or before Janu-

ary 9, 2009, and on January 8, 2010, which summarizes its activities, and any findings or rec- ommendations approved by the advisory committee. 6. This section is repealed on July 1, 2010.

Approved April 11, 2008