General Assembly: 82 (2008 Regular GA) - Chapter 1035 - Brushy creek recreation area — advisory board membership

Published: 2008-04-08

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CH. 1035CH. 1035



S.F. 2198

AN ACT relating to the appointment of the membership of the Brushy creek recreation area trails advisory board.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 455A.8, Code 2007, is amended to read as follows: 455A.8 BRUSHY CREEK RECREATION AREA TRAILS ADVISORY BOARD. 1. The Brushy creek recreation trails advisory board shall be organized within the depart-

ment and shall be composed of ten members including the following: the director of the de- partment or the director’s designeewho shall serve as a nonvoting ex officiomember, the park ranger employeewho is primarily responsible formaintenance of the Brushy creek recreation area, a member of the state advisory board for preserves established under chapter 465C, a person appointed by the governor, and six seven persons appointed by the legislative council natural resource commission. The director shall provide the natural resource commission with nominations of prospective board members. Each person appointed by the governor or legislative council natural resource commission must actively participate in recreational trail activities such as hiking, bicycling, an equestrian sport, or a winter sport at the Brushy creek recreationarea. The votingmembers shall elect a chairpersonat theboard’s firstmeetingeach year. 2. Each votingmember of the board shall serve for terms of three years, and shall be eligible

for reappointment. A vacancy on the board shall be filled for the remainder of the original term. However, a vacancy in the membership slot designated for the park ranger responsible for Brushy creek employee shall be replaced filled by the ranger’s park employee’s successor, and the person representing the state advisory board for preserves shall serve at the pleasure of the board. The department shall reimburse eachmember, other than the director or the di- rector’s designee and the park ranger employee, for actual expenses incurred by the member in performance of the duties of the board. Amajority of votingmembers constitutes a quorum, and the affirmative vote of a majority present is necessary for any action taken by the board, except that a lesser numbermay adjourn ameeting. A vacancy in themembership of theboard does not impair the rights of a quorum to exercise all rights and performall duties of the board. The board shall meet as required, but at least twice a year. The board shall meet upon call of the chairperson, or uponwritten request of threemembers of the board. Written notice of the time and place of the meeting shall be given to each member. 3. The board shall advise the department and the natural resource commission regarding

issues and recommendations relating to the development andmaintenance of trails and relat- ed activities at or adjacent to the Brushy creek recreation area.

Approved April 8, 2008