General Assembly: 83 (2009 Regular GA) - Chapter 141 - Iowa propane education and research council — miscellaneous changes

Published: 2009-05-22

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CH. 141CH. 141



H.F. 684

AN ACT relating to the membership and administration of the Iowa propane education and research council.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 101C.2, Code 2009, is amended by adding the following new subsec- tions: NEW SUBSECTION. 2A. “Energy star certification” means meeting energy efficiency

standards and guidelines pursuant to the energy star program developed and jointly adminis- tered by the United States environmental protection agency and United States department of energy. NEW SUBSECTION. 13. “Weatherization” means activities designed to promote or en-

hance energy efficiency in a residence or other building including but not limited to the instal- lation of attic, wall, foundation, crawlspace, water heater, and pipe insulation; air sealing in- cluding caulking and weather-stripping of windows and doors; installation of windows and doors that qualify for energy star certification; the performance of home energy audits; pro- grammable thermostat installation; and carbonmonoxide and radon inspection and detection system installation.

Sec. 2. Section 101C.2, subsection 8, Code 2009, is amended by striking the subsection.

Sec. 3. Section 101C.3, subsections 1, 4, and 8, Code 2009, are amended to read as follows: 1. The Iowa propane education and research council is established. Members of the council

shall be appointed by the governor from a list of nominees submitted by qualified propane in- dustry organizations within thirty days after May 24, 2007, and by December 15 of each year thereafter. The council shall consist of ten votingmembers, nine ofwhomrepresent retail pro- pane marketers and one of whom shall be a public member the administrator of the division of community action agencies of the department of human rights. Members of the council oth- er than the administrator shall be appointed by the fire marshal from a list of nominees sub- mitted by qualified propane industry organizations by December 15 of each year. Qualified propane industry organizations shall togethernominate allmembers of the council. Avacancy in the unfinished term of a council member shall be filled for the remainder of the term in the samemanner as the original appointment was made. Other than the public member adminis- trator, councilmembers shall be full-time employees or owners of a propane industry business or representatives of an agricultural cooperative actively engaged in the propane industry. An employeeof a qualifiedpropane industry organization shall not serve as amemberof the coun- cil. Anofficer of the board of directors of a qualified propane industry organization or propane industry trade association shall not serve concurrently as a member of the council. The fire marshal or a designee may serve as an ex officio, nonvoting member of the council. 4. A council member, other than the public member, shall not receive compensation for the

council member’s service and shall not be reimbursed for expenses relating to the council member’s service. The publicmember shall receive a per diemas specified in section 7E.6 and shall be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in performing official duties of the council not to exceed forty days per year. A member of the council shall not be a salaried employee of the council or of any organization or agency which receives funds from the council. 8. a. The council shall develop programs and projects and enter into agreements for admin-

istering such programs and projects as provided in this chapter, including programs to en- hance consumer and employee safety and training, provide for research and development of clean and efficient propane utilization equipment, inform and educate the public about safety


and other issues associated with the use of propane, and develop programs and projects that provide assistance to personswho are eligible for the low-incomehomeenergy assistance pro- gram. The programs and projects shall be developed to attain equitable geographic distribu- tion of their benefits to the fullest extent practicable. The costs of the programs and projects shall be paid with funds collected pursuant to section 101C.4. The council shall coordinate its programs and projects with propane industry trade associations and others as the council deems appropriate to provide efficient delivery of services and to avoid unnecessary duplica- tion of activities. Issues concerning propane that are related to research and development, safety, education, and training shall be given priority by the council in the development of pro- grams and projects. b. The council may develop energy efficiency programs dedicated to weatherization, ac-

quisition and installation of energy-efficient customer appliances that qualify for energy star certification, installation of low-flow faucets and showerheads, and energy efficiency educa- tion. The council may by rule establish quality standards in relation toweatherization and ap- pliance installation.

Sec. 4. Section 101C.11, Code 2009, is amended to read as follows: 101C.11 REPORT. The council shall prepare and submit an annual report to the fire marshal and the auditor

of state summarizing the activities of the council conducted pursuant to this chapter. The re- port shall show all income, expenses, and other relevant information concerning assessments collected and expended under this chapter. The report shall also include a summary of energy efficiency programs as specified in section 101C.3, subsection 8, if developed by the council.

Approved May 22, 2009


CH. 142CH. 142


H.F. 705

AN ACT concerning safe rooms and storm shelters in newly constructed buildings.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 103A.7, subsection 2, Code 2009, is amended by adding the following new paragraph: NEW PARAGRAPH. h. Standards for safe rooms and storm shelters.

Sec. 2. NEWSECTION. 103A.8C STANDARDSFORSAFEROOMSANDSTORMSHEL- TERS. The commissioner, after consulting with and receiving recommendations from the depart-

ment of public defense, the department of natural resources, and the rebuild Iowa office, shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A specifying standards and requirements for design and construction of safe rooms and storm shelters. In developing these standards, the commis- sioner shall consider nationally recognized standards. The standards and requirements shall be incorporated into the state building code established in section 103A.7, but shall not be in- terpreted to require the inclusion of a safe room or storm shelter in a building construction project unless such inclusion is expressly required by another statute or by a federal statute or regulation. However, if a safe roomor stormshelter is included in anybuilding construction