Department of Natural Resources - Diesel Equipment in Underground Coal Mines - Diesel mechanic training.

Published: 2011-11-03

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(A) Diesel mechanic training and qualification shall meet the requirements of this rule.

(B) Diesel mechanics shall be trained and qualified to perform maintenance, repairs and testing of the features of the diesel-powered equipment used at the mine or mines where he or she is employed, as certified by MSHA and approved by the chief pursuant to rule 1501:10-2-04 of the Administrative Code.

(C) Qualification. To be qualified to work on the specific diesel-powered equipment used at the mine or mines where he or she is employed, a diesel mechanic shall successfully complete an eight-hour training course approved by the chief pursuant to rules 1501:10-2-22 and 1501:10-2-23 of the Administrative Code for the specific piece of diesel equipment he or she will be working on, and a sixteen-hour diesel mechanic training course approved by the chief pursuant to this rule. Additional engine-specific training shall be provided to a diesel mechanic in accordance with the plan approved by the chief.

(D) The mine operator shall submit a diesel mechanic training plan to the chief for approval which shall include the requirements of this paragraph and the requirements for refresher training in paragraph (E) of this rule. The chief shall approve the plan prior to its being used for training. The diesel mechanic training plan shall be for a minimum sixteen hours and shall include training in the following subjects:

(1) Federal and state requirements regulating the use of diesel equipment;

(2) Company policies and rules related to the use of diesel equipment;

(3) Emissions control system design and component technical training;

(4) On-board engine performance and maintenance diagnostics system design, and component technical training;

(5) Service and maintenance procedures and requirements for the emissions control systems;

(6) Emissions testing procedures and evaluation, and interpretation of test results;

(7) Troubleshooting procedures for the emissions control systems;

(8) Fire protection systems, testing and maintenance;

(9) Fire and ignition sources, and their control and elimination;

(10) Fuel system maintenance and safe fueling procedures;

(11) Intake air system design and components technical training, and maintenance procedures;

(12) Engine shutdown device tests and maintenance;

(13) Special instructions regarding components, such as the fuel injection system, that shall be repaired and adjusted only by a qualified mechanic who has received special training and is authorized to make such repairs or adjustments by the component manufacturer;

(14) Instruction on record keeping requirements for maintenance procedures and emissions testing; and

(15) Other subjects determined by the chief to be necessary to address specific health and safety needs.

(E) Eight hours of refresher training shall be required annually for all diesel mechanics. The diesel mechanic training plan submitted by the operator under paragraph (D) of this rule shall include an annual refresher training plan of eight hours for diesel mechanics. The annual retraining shall include refresher training as well as new procedure and new technology training as necessary. This training shall be separate from the refresher training required by MSHA regulations 30 C.F.R. Part 48 and the electrical training required by MSHA. The mine operator shall furnish all required training and refresher training required under this rule. The employees shall suffer no loss of pay for attending training and refresher training.

(F) For dates of federal rules referenced in this rule, see rule 1501:10-1-07 of the Administrative Code.