Department of Natural Resources - Diesel Equipment in Underground Coal Mines - Fire suppression for underground diesel fuel storage facilities.

Published: 2011-11-03

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(A) Fire suppression systems for underground diesel fuel storage facilities shall meet the requirements of this rule.

(B) The fire suppression system shall be an automatic multipurpose dry-powder type fire suppression system or other system of equal capability, suitable for the intended application and listed or approved by a nationally recognized independent testing laboratory. The system shall meet the following installation requirements:

(1) The system shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and the limitations of the listing or approval;

(2) The system shall be installed in a protected location or guarded to minimize physical damage to it from routine operation;

(3) Suppressant agent distribution tubing or piping of the system shall be secured and protected against damage, including pinching, crimping, stretching, abrasion and corrosion; and

(4) Discharge nozzles of the system shall be positioned and aimed for maximum fire suppression effectiveness in the protected areas. Nozzles must also be protected against the entrance of foreign materials such as mud, coal dust and rock dust that could prevent proper discharge of suppressant agent.

(C) Automatic fire detection and suppression. The fire suppressant system shall provide automatic fire detection and suppression for the fuel storage tanks, containers, safety cans, pumps, electrical panels and control equipment in fuel storage areas.

(D) Types of alarms. Audible and visual alarms to warn of fire or system faults shall be provided at the protected area and at a surface location that is always staffed when persons are underground. A means shall also be provided for warning all endangered persons in the event of fire.

(E) Manual actuators. Fire suppression systems shall include two manual actuators with at least one located within the fuel storage facility and at least one located a safe distance away from the storage facility, and in intake air.

(F) The fire suppression system shall remain operative in the event of electrical system failure.

(G) Monitoring of system. If electrically operated, the system's detection and actuation circuits shall be monitored and provided with status indicators showing power and circuit continuity. If not electrically operated, the system shall be provided with a means to indicate the functional readiness status of the system.

(H) Weekly visual inspection. Each fire suppression device shall be visually inspected at least once each week by a person qualified to make such inspections.

(I) Maintenance, testing and record keeping. Each fire suppression device shall be maintained and tested in accordance with the rules of this chapter. A record of the weekly inspection of a device shall be kept at an appropriate location for the device.

(J) Instruction of miners. All miners normally assigned to the active workings of a mine shall be instructed in the use of all fire suppression devices installed at the mine, including the safeguards available for each device and any hazards inherent to the operation of a device.