Department of Agriculture - Amusement Ride Standards; Bungee Jumping Standards - Design and manufacture.

Published: 2018-11-19

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(A) Concession go karts shall either:

(1) Be constructed in such a manner that the wheels from one kart cannot, within reasonably foreseeable circumstances, override or engage the wheels of another kart; or,

(2) Be operated only on a concession go kart track with a containment system which prevents the karts from coming in contact with each other.

(B) Concession go kart operators shall have on hand for concession go karts one or more operational, maintenance and repair manuals which meet ASTM F-2007-12.

(C) Concession go karts shall be equipped with a fuel tank and cap which will not leak more than one ounce of fuel in five minutes when the go kart is in the upright position, on its side, or upside down.

(D) Concession go kart fuel tanks shall be installed in such a manner to minimize the potential for rupture or damage in the event of a rollover collision with another kart or a track obstacle.

(E) The speed control and brake actuator locations of concession go karts shall be clearly identified with signage, or by coloring the speed control green and the brake actuator red.

(F) Concession go karts shall be equipped with occupant compartment padding. Padding shall be provided for the steering hub, headrest, steering wheel support post, and any other vehicle parts occupants are likely to come in contact with during a collision or rollover.

(G) Concession go karts shall have protective covers for moving or heated components to prevent driver and passenger contact with these components while seated in the normal position in the kart.

(H) Concession go karts shall be equipped with restraints to help prevent occupants from being ejected in a collision.

(I) Concession go kart braking systems shall have sufficient braking capacity to override the full power of the engine.