Department of Agriculture - Livestock Brands - Procedures for recording livestock brands.

Published: 2016-06-30

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(A) As used in this chapter of the Administrative code:

(1) "Brand" means a distinctive design, mark of identification, or number that is applied to the hide of livestock by a hot iron or other humane method approved by the director of the Ohio department of agriculture.

(2) "Department" means the Ohio department of agriculture.

(3) "Director" means the director of the Ohio department of agriculture.

(4) "U.S.D.A." means the United States department of agriculture.

(B) Livestock brands within the state of Ohio shall be recorded with the department.

(C) The brand, after being received and approved by the director in accordance with this rule, shall be recorded in the department's central registry. A formal certificate containing a facsimile of the brand shall be issued to the applicant as proof of ownership.

(D) Except for in-herd individual livestock identification or disease control purposes, no persons within the state of Ohio may use any brand for identifying livestock unless that brand has been recorded with the department.

(E) No brand may be recorded or used which is identical with, or in the opinion of the director, is so similar to any brand previously recorded that it is liable to cause confusion as to the identity or ownership of the livestock.

(F) In order to avoid confusion, the director requires that:

(1) Brands are read from:

(a) Left to right;

(b) Top to bottom;

(c) Outside to inside.

(2) All stacked and/or connected brands will be read from top to bottom whether or not the bottom letter may extend to the left.

(3) Brands will be filed in the category read first (left takes preference over top).

(4) Brands will be filed in the following sequence:

(a) "A" to "Z";

(b) "1" to "9";

(c) Symbols and characters:

(i) Double letters;

(ii) Letter with numbers;

(iii) Letters with characters (to the right or below).

(5) Single letter brands shall not be recorded.

(6) No lazy open "As" will be recorded. will be considered as "Vs."

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