Development Services Agency - General Provisions - Eligibility.

Published: 2007-12-21

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(A) An application shall have one identified eligible applicant. That entity, if awarded assistance, shall be the sole grantee under an agreement with the director and the director's sole point of contact for the job ready site project.

(B) Applications for job ready site funding may be submitted for project sites located in any county in the state. All applications forwarded by a district public works integrating committee shall be reviewed and evaluated by the director.

(C) An otherwise eligible project which involves remediation of contaminated property conducted under the voluntary action program set forth under Chapter 3746. of the Revised Code shall meet the requirements of the job ready sites program.

(D) Costs incurred for application preparation, preparation of reimbursement requests, project management and construction administration, and costs incurred in complying with program reporting requirements are not allowable costs under the job ready site program.

(E) An eligible applicant shall provide the balance of investment necessary to complete the eligible project. Prior to execution of the job ready site grant agreement, an eligible applicant must demonstrate that all local match funds identified as part of the approved project have been made available or that a binding commitment for local match funds exists. Acceptable documentation of local match includes, but is not limited to, evidence of appropriation, encumbrance or commitment of the local match investments by the eligible applicant and/or third party project partners.

(F) Local match may include an amount, not to exceed fifty per cent of the total local match requirement consisting of costs incurred as part of the eligible project during the five year period prior to the date the state controlling board approved an award for the eligible project. To be included as local match, the costs must be of the same character or type as allowable costs under the job ready site program.

(G) An application may be submitted without all necessary site and land use controls for the eligible project in place. The status of site and land use controls may, however, be a factor in evaluating applications for the job ready site program.

(H) A private, for-profit entity must receive prior approval from the director to be considered an eligible applicant. Such a request must be submitted in a format acceptable to the director and received by the director not less than forty-five days prior to the date on which applications are due to the local district public works integrating committee.

(I) An application should demonstrate that the eligible project is economically sound and financially viable.

(J) All construction activities described as part of the eligible project are reasonably capable and likely of being completed within three years of the approval of an award for the eligible project by the state controlling board.

(K) An eligible project may include infrastructure improvements and other activities not located on the eligible project site, but which are necessary to implement the eligible project as described in the application.

(L) The director shall establish and publish a maximum allowable level, to be expressed as a percentage of the available acreage and/or square footage of the job ready site, for mixed use occupancy at the eligible project site including, but not limited to, retail and/or residential activities.