WAC 296-45-17545: Temporary removal of lockout/tagout

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 296 > Chapter 296-45 > Section 296-45-17545



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 296-45-17545

Temporary removal of lockout/tagout.

If the lockout or tagout devices must be temporarily removed from energy isolating devices and the machine or equipment must be energized to test or position the machine, equipment, or component thereof, the following sequence of actions shall be followed:
(1) Clear the machine or equipment of tools and materials in accordance with this section;
(2) Remove employees from the machine or equipment area in accordance with this section;
(3) Remove the lockout or tagout devices as specified in this section;
(4) Energize and proceed with the testing or positioning; and
(5) Deenergize all systems and reapply energy control measures in accordance with this section to continue the servicing or maintenance.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, [49.17].040, [49.17].050 and [49.17].060. WSR 98-07-009, § 296-45-17545, filed 3/6/98, effective 5/6/98.]

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