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RULE §25.126 Adjustments Due to Non-Compliant Meters and Meter Tampering in Areas Where Customer Choice Has Been Introduced

Published: 2015

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subsection (g) of this section. If the TDU concludes that the documentation is adequate, it shall immediately grant the request to remove the switch-hold and both the selected REP and current REP record shall be immediately notified of the removal through the MarkeTrak process. After being notified of the removal of the switch-hold, the selected REP shall resubmit the move-in transaction to initiate the move-in request.   (6) A TX SET transaction or process developed specifically for the purpose of addressing the treatment of switch-holds in the context of move-in transactions shall be used as a substitute for the equivalent process described in this subsection once that TX SET transaction becomes available. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) shall develop this TX SET transaction process as soon as possible.   (7) For a move-in transaction indicating that the ESI ID is subject to a continuous service agreement, the TDU shall remove any switch-hold on that ESI ID and complete the move-in. (i) Additional requirements.   (1) By April 1 of each calendar year, each TDU shall file with the commission a report detailing the following for the previous calendar year concerning meter tampering:     (A) Total number of customers for which meter tampering was determined by the TDU;     (B) The number of customers back-billed and the average of the following charges per customer:       (i) utility delivery charges; and       (ii) meter repair, and restoration charges.     (C) Total number of cases referred to law enforcement for prosecution that included photographs, a descriptive incident report, affidavit, and notification to law enforcement of the availability of physical evidence in the case;     (D) Total number of cases prosecuted;     (E) Switch-hold statistics, including the number of ESI IDs for which a switch-hold was placed, the number of ESI IDs placed under a switch hold for three months, six months, one year, or longer; and     (F) The number of premises for which a TDU assessed charges directly to the customer pursuant to subsection (b)(4) of this section.   (2) The utility shall maintain adequate staff responsible for monitoring suspicious activity related to meter tampering in its service territory. The utility shall establish a process for REPs and customers to report meter tampering. The TDU shall also include a customer hotline telephone number or email address on its website, prominently displayed on its front page for electric service.   (3) The utility shall maintain a record of meter tampering investigations. The record shall include a timeline by ESI ID, starting with the date information is reported by a REP, landlord, TDU employee or other individual on meter tampering, the date the TDU completed the investigation, and the date the TDU issued the back-billing to the REP. The utility shall make this information available to the commission upon request.   (4) The utility shall engage in a customer information campaign to educate customers on the safety hazards associated with electricity theft, diversion, and meter tampering. (j) Proprietary Customer Information. The prohibition against the release of proprietary customer information in §25.472 of this title (relating to Privacy of Customer Information) does not prohibit the release of customer proprietary information to the registration agent, a REP, a POLR provider, or a TDU when the information is necessary to complete a market transaction described in this section. Customer proprietary information provided in accordance with this section shall be treated as confidential, shall be securely destroyed by the current REP of record after 24 months, and shall be used only for the purposes of evaluating whether to lift a switch-hold and cannot be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to marketing or sales efforts by the current REP.

Source Note: The provisions of this §25.126 adopted to be effective July 1, 2010, 35 TexReg 4669