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RULE §219.14 Manufactured Housing, and Industrialized Housing and Building Permits

Published: 2015

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(a) General information.
  (1) A manufactured home that exceeds size limits for
motor vehicles as defined by Transportation Code, Chapter 621, Subchapters
B and C, must obtain a permit from the department.
  (2) Pursuant to Transportation Code, Chapter 623, Subchapter
E, a permit may be issued to persons registered as manufacturers,
installers, or retailers with the Texas Department of Housing and
Community Affairs or motor carriers registered with the department
under Transportation Code, Chapter 643.
  (3) The department may issue a permit to the owner
of a manufactured home provided that:
    (A) the same owner is named on the title of the manufactured
home and towing vehicle;
    (B) or the owner presents a lease showing that the
owner of the manufactured home is the lessee of the towing vehicle.
(b) Application for permit.
  (1) The applicant must complete the application and
shall include the manufactured home's HUD label number, Texas seal
number, or the complete identification number or serial number of
the manufactured home, and the overall width, height, and length of
the home and the towing vehicle in combination. If the manufactured
home is being moved to or from a site in this state where it has been,
or will be, occupied as a dwelling, the permit must also show the
name of the owner of the home, the location from which the home is
being moved, and the location to which the home is being delivered.
  (2) A permit application for industrialized housing
or industrialized building that does not meet the definition in Occupations
Code, §1202.002 and §1202.003 shall be submitted in accordance
with §219.11(c) of this title (relating to General Oversize/Overweight
Permit Requirements and Procedures).
(c) Amendments to permit. Amendments can only be made
to change intermediate points between the origination and destination
points listed on the permit.
(d) Payment of permit fee. The cost of the permit is
$40, payable in accordance with §219.11(f).
(e) Permit provisions and conditions.
  (1) The overall combined length of the manufactured
home and the towing vehicle includes the length of the hitch or towing
  (2) The height is measured from the roadbed to the
highest elevation of the manufactured home.
  (3) The width of a manufactured home includes any roof
or eaves extension or overhang on either side.
  (4) A permit will be issued for a single continuous
movement not to exceed five days.
  (5) Movement must be made during daylight hours only
and may be made on any day except New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence
Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
  (6) The department may limit the hours for travel on
certain routes because of heavy traffic conditions.
  (7) The department will publish any limitations on
movements during the national holidays listed in this subsection,
or any limitations during certain hours of heavy traffic conditions,
and will make such publications available to the public prior to the
limitations becoming effective.
  (8) The permit will contain the route for the transportation
of the manufactured home from the point of origin to the point of
  (9) The route for the transportation must be the most
practical route as described in §219.11(e), except where construction
is in progress and the permitted vehicle's dimensions exceed the construction
restrictions as published by the department, or where bridge or overpass
width or height would create a safety hazard.
  (10) The department will publish annually a map or
list of all bridges or overpasses which, due to height or width, require
an escort vehicle to stop oncoming traffic while the manufactured
home crosses the bridge or overpass.
  (11) A permittee may not transport a manufactured home
with a void permit; a new permit must be obtained.
(f) Escort requirements.
  (1) A manufactured home exceeding 12 feet in width
must have a rotating amber beacon of not less than eight inches in
diameter mounted somewhere on the roof at the rear of the manufactured
home, or may have two five-inch flashing amber lights mounted approximately
six feet from ground level at the rear corners of the manufactured
home. The towing vehicle must have one rotating amber beacon of not
less than eight inches in diameter mounted on top of the cab. These
beacons or flashing lights must be operational and luminiferous during
any permitted move over the highways, roads, and streets of this state.
  (2) A manufactured home with a width exceeding 16 feet
but not exceeding 18 feet must have a front escort vehicle on two-lane
roadways and a rear escort vehicle on roadways of four or more lanes.
  (3) A manufactured home exceeding 18 feet in width
must have a front and a rear escort on all roadways at all times.
  (4) The escort vehicle must:
    (A) have one red 16 inch square flag mounted on each
of the four corners of the vehicle;
    (B) have a sign mounted on the front and rear of the
vehicle displaying the words "WIDE LOAD" in black letters at least
eight inches high with a brush stroke at least 1.41 inches wide against
a yellow background;
    (C) have an amber light or lights, visible from both
front and rear, mounted on top of the vehicle in one of the following
      (i) two simultaneously flashing lights or
      (ii) one rotating beacon of not less than eight inches
in diameter; and
    (D) maintain two-way communications with the permitted
vehicle and other escort vehicles involved with the movement of the
permitted vehicle.
  (5) Two transportable sections of a multi-section manufactured
home, or two single section manufactured homes, when towed together
in convoy, may be considered one home for purposes of the escort vehicle
requirements, provided the distance between the two units does not
exceed 1,000 feet.
  (6) An escort vehicle must comply with the requirements
in §219.11(k)(1) and §219.11(k)(7)(A).

Source Note: The provisions of this §219.14 adopted to be effective October 13, 1994, 19 TexReg 7810; amended to be effective December 26, 1995, 20 TexReg 10656; amended to be effective January 8, 1998, 23 TexReg 155; amended to be effective February 21, 1999, 24 TexReg 1221; amended to be effective December 5, 2001, 26 TexReg 9920; amended to be effective February 16, 2006, 31 TexReg 888; amended to be effective January 4, 2007, 31 TexReg 10831; amended to be effective June 1, 2008, 33 TexReg 3776; transferred effective January 1, 2012, as published in the Texas Register January 27, 2012, 37 TexReg 359;amended to be effective June 28, 2015, 40 TexReg 4003; amended to be effective December 14, 2015, 40 TexReg 8900