Published: 2015

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Article 1 General Provisions.

Section 10A-8-1.01 Short title.

Section 10A-8-1.02 Definitions.

Section 10A-8-1.03 Knowledge and notice.

Section 10A-8-1.04 Effect of partnership agreement; nonwaivable provisions.

Section 10A-8-1.05 Supplemental principles of law.

Section 10A-8-1.06 Execution, filing, and recording of statements.

Section 10A-8-1.07 Law governing internal relations.

Section 10A-8-1.08 Partnership subject to amendment or repeal of chapter.

Article 2 Nature of Partnership.

Section 10A-8-2.01 Partnership as entity.

Section 10A-8-2.02 Formation of partnership.

Section 10A-8-2.03 Partnership property.

Section 10A-8-2.04 When property is partnership property.

Article 3 Relations of Partners to Persons Dealing with Partnership.

Section 10A-8-3.01 Partner agent of partnership.

Section 10A-8-3.02 Transfer of partnership property.

Section 10A-8-3.03 Statement of partnership authority.

Section 10A-8-3.04 Statement of denial.

Section 10A-8-3.05 Partnership liable for partner's actionable conduct.

Section 10A-8-3.06 Partner's liability.

Section 10A-8-3.07 Actions by and against partnership and partners.

Section 10A-8-3.08 Liability of purported partner.

Article 4 Relations of Partners to Each Other and to Partnership.

Section 10A-8-4.01 Partner's rights and duties.

Section 10A-8-4.02 Distributions in kind.

Section 10A-8-4.03 Partner's rights and duties with respect to information.

Section 10A-8-4.04 General standards of partner's conduct.

Section 10A-8-4.05 Actions by partnership and partners.

Section 10A-8-4.06 Continuation of partnership beyond definite term or particular undertaking.

Article 5 Transferees and Creditors of Partners.

Section 10A-8-5.01 Partner not co-owner of partnership property.

Section 10A-8-5.02 Partner's transferable interest in partnership.

Section 10A-8-5.03 Transfer of partner's transferable interest.

Section 10A-8-5.04 Partner's transferable interest subject to charging order.

Article 6 Partner's Dissociation.

Section 10A-8-6.01 Events causing partner's dissociation.

Section 10A-8-6.02 Partner's power to dissociate; wrongful dissociation.

Section 10A-8-6.03 Effect of partner's dissociation.

Article 7 Partner's Dissociation when Business not Wound Up.

Section 10A-8-7.01 Purchase of dissociated partner's interest.

Section 10A-8-7.02 Dissociated partner's power to bind and liability to partnership.

Section 10A-8-7.03 Dissociated partner's liability to other persons.

Section 10A-8-7.04 Statement of dissociation.

Section 10A-8-7.05 Continued use of partnership name.

Article 8 Winding Up Partnership Business.

Section 10A-8-8.01 Events causing dissolution and winding up of partnership business.

Section 10A-8-8.02 Partnership continues after dissolution.

Section 10A-8-8.03 Right to wind up partnership business.

Section 10A-8-8.04 Partner's power to bind partnership after dissolution.

Section 10A-8-8.05 Statement of dissolution.

Section 10A-8-8.06 Partner's liability to other partners after dissolution.

Section 10A-8-8.07 Settlement of accounts and contributions among partners.

Article 9 Reserved.

Article 10 Registered Limited Liability Partnership.

Section 10A-8-10.01 Registered limited liability partnerships.

Section 10A-8-10.02 Reserved.

Section 10A-8-10.03 Reserved.

Section 10A-8-10.04 Admissibility of registration information.

Section 10A-8-10.05 Cancellation of a registered limited liability partnership.

Section 10A-8-10.06 Registration of foreign registered limited liability partnerships.

Section 10A-8-10.07 Withdrawal of a qualified foreign registered limited liability partnership.

Section 10A-8-10.08 Effect of failure of foreign registered limited liability partnership to register.

Section 10A-8-10.09 Applicability of article to foreign and interstate commerce

Section 10A-8-10.10 Professional registered limited liability partnership provisions.

Article 11 Miscellaneous Provisions.

Section 10A-8-11.01 Uniformity of application and construction.

Section 10A-8-11.02 Savings clause.

Section 10A-8-11.03 Composite returns.

Section 10A-8-11.04 Taxation of registered limited liability partnership.

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