Published: 2015

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Article 1 General and Miscellaneous Provisions.

Section 45-12-10 Disclaimer.

Article 2 Alcoholic Beverages.

Part 1 Regulation.

Section 45-12-20 County commission to approve licenses in unincorporated areas.

Section 45-12-20.01 Draft and keg beer sales authorized.

Section 45-12-20.02 Size limitations for sale of beer or ale.

Part 2 Taxation.

Section 45-12-21 Disposition of beer tax funds.

Article 3 Boards and Commissions.

Section 45-12-30 Choctaw County Medical Scholarship Board.

Article 4 Business, Labor, and Occupations.

Article 5 Constables.

Section 45-12-50 Reserved.

Article 6 Coroner.

Section 45-12-60 Expense allowances.

Article 7 County Commission.

Part 1 Compensation.

Section 45-12-70 Salary.

Part 2 Private Roads.

Section 45-12-71 Construction and maintenance of private roads.

Part 3 Operation.

Section 45-12-72 Applicability.

Section 45-12-72.01 Members to serve part-time; salary; health insurance.

Section 45-12-72.02 Centralized road system; work plan of county engineer and annual budget.

Section 45-12-72.03 Clerical assistance; recordkeeping.

Section 45-12-72.04 Inspection of roads and bridges.

Article 8 Courts.

Part 1 Court Costs.

Division 1 Law Enforcement.

Section 45-12-80 Costs and charges in Choctaw County Division of First Judicial Circuit; deputy sheriff compensation.

Division 2 Law Library.

Section 45-12-80.20 Choctaw County Law Library Fund; law library fee; board.

Part 2 Probate.

Division 1 Compensation.

Section 45-12-81 Salary of judge of probate.

Division 2 Reimbursement for Errors.

Section 45-12-81.20 Reimbursement of judge of probate.

Part 3 District Attorney.

Section 45-12-82 Definitions.

Section 45-12-82.01 Establishment of pretrial diversion program; discretionary powers; supervision and control.

Section 45-12-82.02 Applicants for admittance.

Section 45-12-82.03 Standards for admission.

Section 45-12-82.04 Admission into program.

Section 45-12-82.05 Program requirements; records.

Section 45-12-82.06 Time for application.

Section 45-12-82.07 Costs and fees.

Section 45-12-82.08 Self-improvement or self-help programs; drug testing.

Section 45-12-82.09 Written agreement; other terms and conditions.

Section 45-12-82.10 Pretrial Diversion Program Fund.

Section 45-12-82.11 Violations; waiver.

Section 45-12-82.12 Liability of district attorney.

Section 45-12-82.13 Funding.

Section 45-12-82.14 Advisory board.

Article 9 Economic and Industrial Development and Tourism.

Section 45-12-90 Reserved.

Article 10 Education.

Part 1 Board of Education.

Section 45-12-100 Compensation.

Part 2 Superintendent of Education.

Section 45-12-101 Election; qualifications; powers and duties; compensation.

Article 11 Elections.

Section 45-12-110 Compensation for poll workers.

Article 12 Employees.

Article 13 Engineer, County.

Section 45-12-130 Qualifications; duties.

Article 14 Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services.

Section 45-12-140 Reserved.

Article 15 Gambling.

Section 45-12-150 Reserved.

Article 16 Government Finance and Operations.

Section 45-12-160 Reserved.

Article 17 Health and Environment.

Part 1 Board of Health.

Section 45-12-170 Fees for services.

Section 45-12-171 Replacement of well casings.

Article 18 Highways and Bridges.

Section 45-12-180 Reserved.

Article 19 Legislature.

Article 20 Licenses and Licensing.

Section 45-12-200 Reserved.

Article 21 Motor Vehicles and Transportation.

Section 45-12-210 Reserved.

Article 22 Parks, Historic Preservation, Musesms, and Recreation.

Section 45-12-220 Reserved.

Article 23 Sheriff.

Part 1 Funding.

Section 45-12-230 Sale of confiscated, abandoned, or unclaimed property.

Part 2 Jails.

Section 45-12-231 Jail canteen.

Part 3 Pistil Permit.

Section 45-12-232 Fee; disposition of funds.

Article 24 Taxation.

Part 1 Revenue Commissioner.

Division 1 Creation of Office.

Section 45-12-240 Consolidation of offices and powers; oath; compensation.

Division 2 Employees.

Section 45-12-240.20 Clerical and secretarial employee compensation.

Section 45-12-240.21 Reimbursement; duties of revenue commissioner; retrieval, voiding of license for use of worthless instrument.

Division 3 Powers and Duties.

Section 45-12-240.40 Motor vehicle licensing.

Part 2 Tax, Sales and Use.

Section 45-12-241 Levy of tax; ambulance and emergency medical services.

Section 45-12-241.01 Privilege license tax for mandatory solid waste disposal program.

Part 3 Tax, Tobacco.

Article 25 Utilities.

Section 45-12-250 Ratification of utility systems.

Article 26 Zoning and Planning.

Section 45-12-260 Reserved.