Published: 2015

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Article 1 General Provisions.

Section 30-3-1 Custody and education of children upon grant of divorce; custody of children where wife abandons husband.

Section 30-3-2 Custody and education of children upon voluntary separation of husband and wife.

Section 30-3-4 Visitation rights for grandparents.

Section 30-3-4.1 Grandparent visitation.

Section 30-3-5 Venue of all proceedings seeking modification of child custody, visitation rights, or child support.

Section 30-3-6 Bond, security, or other guarantee to secure payment of overdue support or compliance with visitation order.

Section 30-3-6.1 Rebate of interest on delinquent child support payments.

Section 30-3-8 Publication of delinquent obligor lists.

Article 2 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act.

Section 30-3-20 Short title.

Section 30-3-21 Purposes of article; construction of provisions.

Section 30-3-22 Definitions.

Section 30-3-23 Jurisdiction to make child custody determination; effect of physical presence of child.

Section 30-3-24 Notice and opportunity to be heard.

Section 30-3-25 Notice to persons outside this state; proof of service; submission to jurisdiction.

Section 30-3-26 Simultaneous proceedings in other states.

Section 30-3-27 Inconvenient forum; communication between courts; payment of expenses.

Section 30-3-28 Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct; expenses.

Section 30-3-29 Information under oath to be submitted to court; continuing duty to inform.

Section 30-3-30 Additional parties.

Section 30-3-31 Appearance of parties and child; notice; expenses.

Section 30-3-32 Binding force and res judicata effect of custody decree.

Section 30-3-33 Recognition and enforcement of out-of-state custody decrees.

Section 30-3-34 Modification of custody decree of another state.

Section 30-3-35 Filing and enforcement of custody decree of another state; expenses.

Section 30-3-36 Registry of out-of-state custody decrees and proceedings.

Section 30-3-37 Certified copies of custody decree.

Section 30-3-38 Taking testimony in another state.

Section 30-3-39 Hearings and studies in another state; orders to appear.

Section 30-3-40 Assistance to courts of other states.

Section 30-3-41 Preservation of documents for use in other states.

Section 30-3-42 Request for court records of another state.

Section 30-3-43 International application.

Section 30-3-44 Priority.

Article 3 Withholding Orders for Child Support.

Section 30-3-60 Definitions.

Section 30-3-61 Withholding order required in child support orders; employer to withhold support from income due and pay to designee; income withholding order issued by another state; when order served on employer; delinquency of support payments.

Section 30-3-62 Who may petition for withholding order; withholding on existing support orders; filing with clerk; service; hearing; issuance of order; contents; when order takes effect; entry of support and withholding orders by different courts; termination of withholding.

Section 30-3-63 Filing fees and costs.

Section 30-3-64 Employer's answer; order binding on employer; modification by court.

Section 30-3-65 Obligee to give notice of change of address; termination of order when unable to deliver payments due to no notice of address.

Section 30-3-66 Obligor and employer to give notice of change of employment or termination of income; service of order on new employer; cost of service.

Section 30-3-67 Withholding orders to have priority over garnishments or any other legal process against the same income; maximum withholding allowable.

Section 30-3-68 Employers who comply not liable for wrongful withholding.

Section 30-3-69 Liability of employers who fail to answer or fail or refuse to withhold.

Section 30-3-70 Employers not to discharge or refuse to hire person due to withholding order.

Section 30-3-71 Employer authorized to deduct fee for expenses.

Article 4 Interstate Income Withholding Act.

Section 30-3-90 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Purpose; short title.

Section 30-3-91 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Definitions.

Section 30-3-92 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Remedy additional to those now existing.

Section 30-3-93 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Petition for enforcement of another state's support order - Documents filed with clerk; service on obligor; hearing; withholding by court of this state.

Section 30-3-94 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Petition for enforcement of another state's support order - Prima facie case; defenses; evidence; choice of laws.

Section 30-3-95 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Adoption of other state's support order for purposes of income withholding; entry of income withholding order; applicability of Sections 30-3-64 and 30-3-66 through 30-3-71; transmittal of payments of support order.

Section 30-3-96 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Amendment of withholding order upon amendment of support order; notification of agency which requested withholding when obligor obtains employment or other income in another state.

Section 30-3-97 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Docket fees; court costs.

Section 30-3-98 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Voluntary income withholding.

Section 30-3-99 (Repealed effective January 1, 2000) Petition for adoption of support order in another jurisdiction for purpose of obtaining withholding; request by another state for evidence from person in this state.

Article 5 Order of Retroactive Support.

Section 30-3-110 Civil action for order of retroactive support.

Section 30-3-111 Commencement of action prior to child reaching age of majority.

Section 30-3-112 Filing of action in juvenile or family court division.

Section 30-3-113 Marital status of non-supporting parent irrelevant.

Section 30-3-114 Amount.

Section 30-3-115 Additional right.

Article 6 Custody and Domestic or Family Abuse.

Section 30-3-130 Definitions.

Section 30-3-131 Determination raises rebuttable presumption that custody with perpetrator detrimental to child.

Section 30-3-132 Factors court must consider.

Section 30-3-133 Determination raises rebuttable presumption that child reside with parent not perpetrator.

Section 30-3-134 Finding of domestic violence constitutes change in circumstances.

Section 30-3-135 Visitation by parent who committed violence.

Section 30-3-136 Construction of provisions.

Article 7 Joint Custody.

Section 30-3-150 State policy.

Section 30-3-151 Definitions.

Section 30-3-152 Factors considered; order without both parents' consent; presumption where both parents request joint custody.

Section 30-3-153 Implementation; required provisions; plan set by court.

Section 30-3-154 Availability of records to both parents.

Section 30-3-155 Determination of child support.

Section 30-3-156 Interference with custody or violation of Chapter 3B.

Section 30-3-157 Construction of article with respect to existing orders.

Article 7A Alabama Parent-Child Relationship Protection Act.

Section 30-3-160 Short title.

Section 30-3-161 Definitions.

Section 30-3-162 Applicability.

Section 30-3-163 Change of principal residence - Child.

Section 30-3-164 Change of principal residence - Custodial party, persons with visitation rights.

Section 30-3-165 Notice.

Section 30-3-166 Language required in child custody determination.

Section 30-3-167 Disclosure exceptions.

Section 30-3-168 Failure to give notice.

Section 30-3-169 Objection to change of principal residence.

Section 30-3-169.1 Proceedings.

Section 30-3-169.2 Court order.

Section 30-3-169.3 Change of custody.

Section 30-3-169.4 Burden of proof.

Section 30-3-169.5 Obstructions to custody or visitation.

Section 30-3-169.6 Sanctions.

Section 30-3-169.7 Change of principal residence raised in conjunction with other petition.

Section 30-3-169.8 Award of expenses.

Section 30-3-169.9 Change of principal residence outside state.

Section 30-3-169.10 Appeal.

Article 8 Driver's License Suspension or Revocation for Failure To Pay Support Payments.

Section 30-3-170 Definitions.

Section 30-3-171 Issuance of notice to withhold, etc., license.

Section 30-3-172 Request for hearing; purpose of hearing; notification of decision; appeal; suspension of license.

Section 30-3-173 Multiple delinquencies; revocation of license.

Section 30-3-174 Implementation by licensing authority of withholding, etc.; additional review precluded; continuation of withholding, etc.; exemption of licensing authority from liability.

Section 30-3-175 Reinstatement of withheld, etc., license; obtaining new license after revocation.

Section 30-3-176 Fees and costs.

Section 30-3-177 Contempt petition; applicability of article to obligors who failed to follow previous orders.

Section 30-3-178 Applicability of article to courts and agencies of other states and United States.

Section 30-3-179 Legislative intent.

Article 9 Alabama Child Support Reform Act of 1997.

Section 30-3-190 Short title.

Section 30-3-191 Definitions.

Section 30-3-192 Data match system; accounts encumbered or surrendered; reasonable fees; liability; disclosure of financial records; penalties.

Section 30-3-193 Requests for information by the state Title IV-D agency.

Section 30-3-194 Issuance or renewal of license, etc.; Social Security number requirements.

Section 30-3-195 State Disbursement Unit.

Section 30-3-196 State Case Registry.

Section 30-3-197 Authorized actions; safeguards.

Section 30-3-198 Notice of lien.

Section 30-3-199 Establishment and enforcement of confidential information rules and regulations.

Section 30-3-200 Liability for disclosure of information.

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