Published: 2015

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Section 12-1-1 Effect of rules of Supreme Court of Alabama.

Section 12-1-2 Vesting of judicial power of state generally.

Section 12-1-3 Vesting of criminal jurisdiction.

Section 12-1-4 Transfer of cases improperly submitted to Supreme Court or courts of appeals.

Section 12-1-5 Procedure when bill to increase or decrease number of judges or change boundaries of circuit or district introduced in Legislature.

Section 12-1-6 Procedure when local legislation affecting judiciary introduced in Legislature.

Section 12-1-7 Powers of courts as to preservation of order, enforcement of judgments, etc., generally.

Section 12-1-8 Cases in which courts may issue attachments and inflict summary punishment for contempt.

Section 12-1-9 Conduct of inquiries, etc., as to violations of Section 12-1-8 and punishment of offenders.

Section 12-1-10 Punishment by courts for contempt.

Section 12-1-11 Appeal to appellate court by attorney or officer from judgment of contempt.

Section 12-1-12 Grounds for disqualification of judges from trial of cases generally.

Section 12-1-13 Grounds for disqualification of justices of Supreme Court and judges of courts of appeals from participation in decision of cases.

Section 12-1-14 Appointment, powers, compensation, etc., of special judges for circuit, district, or probate court.

Section 12-1-14.1 Appointment of special judge upon request; temporary service.

Section 12-1-14.2 Senior judge status.

Section 12-1-15 Benefits to which judges, officers, employees, etc., of judicial branch of government entitled; uniformity of treatment as to benefits, etc., of supernumerary justices and judges and retired justices and judges; failure by justice or judge to apply for supernumerary or retirement benefits at time of leaving active state service not to forfeit entitlement to rights.

Section 12-1-16 Voluntary diminution of compensation, benefits, etc., by judges, officers, employees, etc., of judicial branch of government.

Section 12-1-17 Reimbursement of travel expenses of judges, officers, etc., of appellate courts attending judicial colleges, seminars, etc.

Section 12-1-18 Reimbursement of travel expenses of circuit judges, district court judges, municipal judges, court-supportive personnel, etc.; effect of failure to attend educational conference, seminar, etc., when attendance ordered.

Section 12-1-19 Monthly reports of clerks of circuit, district and municipal courts as to fines, fees, etc., collected.

Section 12-1-20 Appellate courts, Administrative Office of Courts and Department of Court Management authorized to contract with counties, municipalities, etc., for offices and other physical facilities for courts.

Section 12-1-21 Salaries of court personnel, etc.

Section 12-1-22 Certain statutes relative to judicial circuits and court personnel continued in effect.

Section 12-1-23 Reasonable accommodation for those in need of special services, etc.

Section 12-1-24 Pretrial hearings in certain cases to be conducted by audio-video communications.