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RULE §63.15 Fees for Open Records Requests

Published: 2015

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(a) The fees for copies of records of the department which are subject to public examination pursuant to the Texas Open Records Act shall be as follows:   (1) $.10 per page for readily available information which takes less than 15 minutes to obtain, with less than 50 pages of standard-size paper up to 8 inches by 14 inches;   (2) an additional $15 per hour personnel charge for readily available information of 50 pages or more;   (3) $.10 per page, plus $15 per hour personnel charge, plus $3.00 per hour overhead charge for any quantity of information that requires over 15 minutes to obtain and is therefore not readily available;   (4) $.50 per minute if computer resources are required to obtain the requested information;   (5) actual postage and shipping charges are added to all requests;   (6) $.10 per page for a local facsimile transmission, $.50 per page for a long
distance facsimile transmission in the same area code, and $1.00 per page for a long distance facsimile transmission in a different area code;   (7) nonstandard-size copies would consist of a diskette at $2.00 each, an audio cassette at $1.00 each, and paper larger than 8 inches by 14 inches at $.50 per page;   (8) if certification is requested of any item, a charge of $5.00 will be added to the total charges;   (9) any additional reasonable cost will be added at actual cost, with full disclosure to the requesting party as soon as it is known; and   (10) a reasonable deposit may be required for requests where the total charges are over $200. (b) All requests will be treated equally. The commissioner may waive charges at his discretion. (c) If records are requested to be inspected instead of receiving copies, access will be by appointment only during regular business hours of the
department and will be at the discretion of the commissioner. (d) Confidential documents will not be made available for examination or copying except under court order or other directive. (e) All open records requests will be referred to the commissioner's designee before the department will release the information.

Source Note: The provisions of this §63.15 adopted to be effective July 11, 1994, 19 TexReg 4921.