Section 11-86A-14

Published: 2015

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Section 11-86A-14

Section 11-86A-14Execution of bonds and interest coupons; form, terms, denominations, etc., of bonds; validation of bonds; sale; refunding bonds.

(a) Bonds of an authority shall be signed by the chair and attested by the secretary, the seal of the authority shall be affixed thereto, and any interest coupons applicable to the bonds shall be signed by the chair; provided that a facsimile of the signature of the officers may be printed or otherwise reproduced on any bonds in lieu of being manually subscribed. A facsimile of the seal of the authority may be printed or otherwise produced on any bonds in lieu of being manually affixed thereto, and a facsimile of the chair's signature may be printed or otherwise reproduced on any interest coupons in lieu of being manually subscribed, provided, that the bonds have been manually authenticated by a transfer agent of the bond issue. Delivery of the bonds executed shall be valid notwithstanding any changes in officers or in the seal of the authority after the signing and sealing of the bonds.

(b) Any bonds may be executed and delivered by the authority and may be in such form and denominations, of the tenor and maturities, bear rate or rates of interest, be payable at the times and evidenced in a manner, and may contain other provisions not inconsistent with this chapter as may be provided by the resolution or resolutions of the board of directors under which the bonds are authorized to be issued. A bond may not have a specified maturity date later than 40 years after its date of execution. A bond may be made subject to redemption at the option of an authority at such times and after notice and on conditions and at redemption price or prices as may be provided in the resolution or resolutions under which it is authorized to be issued. The bonds may bear interest at a fixed rate, at a rate that adjusts in accordance with an independent standard, such as the prime or base lending rate of a bank or published rates for other securities, or may bear interest at rates which may be adjusted to a rate sufficient, in the opinion of any remarketing agent appointed by the authority, to make the bonds have a fair market value or funding value not less than the principal amount of the bonds or other amount as may be specified in the proceedings authorizing the issuance of bonds. The authority may issue "tender" bonds or similar bonds and may enter into appropriate remarketing agreements with respect to any bonds and the determination of the rate of interest borne by the bonds.

(c) Upon the adoption by the board of directors of a resolution providing for the issuance of bonds, an authority may publish once a week for two consecutive weeks, in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county of incorporation a notice in substantially the following form (the blanks being properly filled in) at the end of which shall be printed the name and title of either the chair or secretary of the authority: "________________, a public corporation organized under the laws of the State of Alabama, on the ____ day of ___________, authorized the issuance of not more than $_______ principal amount of [revenue], [general obligation], or [other appropriate designation] bonds of the authority for purposes authorized in the act of the Legislature of Alabama under which the authority was organized. Any action or proceeding questioning the validity of the bonds, any pledge or mortgage to secure, any lease or sale of any project to be financed by the bonds, or the proceedings authorizing the bonds shall be commenced within 20 days after the first publication of this notice." Any action or proceeding in any court to set aside or question the proceedings for the issuance of the bonds referred to in the notice or to contest the validity of the bonds or the validity of any pledge or mortgage made therefor shall be commenced within 20 days after the first publication of the notice. After the expiration of the period, no action, counterclaim, setoff, or defense questioning or attacking the validity of the proceeding or of the bonds shall be asserted, nor shall the validity of the proceedings of the bonds be open to question in any court on any ground whatsoever, except in an action or proceeding commenced within the period.

(d) Subject to the provisions and limitations contained in this chapter, an authority may sell and issue refunding bonds for the purpose of refunding any outstanding matured or unmatured bonds. Refunding bonds may be subrogated and entitled to all priorities, rights, and pledges to which the bonds refunded were entitled.

(e) An authority may pay out of the proceeds of the sale of its bonds attorneys' fees and the other expenses of issuance which a board of directors may deem necessary and advantageous in connection with the issuance of bonds.

(Act 2000-106, p. 129, §14.)

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