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The Fourth Class City Act (Excerpt) Act 215 Of 1895

Published: 2015

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Act 215 of 1895

105.25 Verdict confirmed; sums awarded; payment within year; raising of funds; treasurer, duties; right of entry; writ of assistance.

Sec. 25.

Within 1 year after the confirmation of the verdict of the jury, or after the judgment of confirmation shall on appeal be confirmed, the council shall set apart and cause to be provided in the treasury, unless already provided, the amount required to make compensation to the owners and persons interested, for the private property taken, as awarded by the jury, and shall, in the resolution setting apart and providing said sum, if not already provided, direct the city to pay the persons respectively entitled to the money so set apart and provided, to each his or her portion, as ascertained and awarded by said verdict. And it shall be the duty of the treasurer to securely hold such money in the treasury for the purpose of paying for the property taken, and pay the same to the persons entitled thereto, according to the verdict of the jury, on demand, and not pay out the money for any other purpose whatever. The council may provide the necessary amount by borrowing from any other money or fund in the treasury and repay the same from money raised to pay the compensation awarded by the jury when collected or otherwise, as they may provide. Whenever the necessary sum is actually in the treasury for such purpose, the treasurer shall make and sign duplicate certificates, verified by his oath, showing that the amount of compensation awarded by the jury is actually in the treasury for payment of the private property taken in the case, giving the title of the case; he shall cause 1 of the certificates to be filed in the office of the probate court before whom such proceedings were had, or his successor, or in case an appeal has been had, then in the office of the clerk of the court in which the proceedings were had, and the other to be filed with the city clerk, which certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the matters therein stated. Whenever the amount of such compensation is in the treasury and thus secured to be paid, the council may enter upon and take possession of and use such private property for the purposes for which it was taken, and may remove all buildings, fences and other obstructions therefrom. In case of resistance or refusal on the part of any one to the council or their agents and servants entering upon and taking possession of such private property for the use and purpose for which it was taken, at any time after the amount of the compensation aforesaid is actually in the treasury, ready to be paid to those entitled thereto, the council, by the city attorney, may apply to the court, and shall be entitled, on making a sufficient showing, to a writ of assistance to put them in possession of the property.

History: 1895, Act 215, Eff. Aug. 30, 1895


Am. 1899, Act 136, Imd. Eff. June 21, 1899


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