Published: 2015

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Section 27-41-1 Applicability of chapter.

Section 27-41-2 Definitions.

Section 27-41-3 Investments which may be counted as admitted assets generally; investments and obligations for investments deemed eligible investments under chapter generally; filing with commissioner of certified statements as to investments or obligations for investments not deemed eligible under chapter; assets or funds to which investment limitations based upon amounts of insurers assets or particular funds relate.

Section 27-41-4 General requirements as to eligibility of investments.

Section 27-41-5 Authorization of investments by board of directors, etc.

Section 27-41-6 Limitations upon investments generally.

Section 27-41-7 Particular investments - Bonds, notes, etc., of United States.

Section 27-41-8 Particular investments - Loans guaranteed by United States.

Section 27-41-9 Particular investments - Bonds, etc., of states or counties, municipalities, school districts, etc., therein generally.

Section 27-41-10 Particular investments - Bonds, etc., issued by states, counties, municipalities, etc., to provide funds for public projects, etc.

Section 27-41-11 Particular investments - Bonds, etc., of local public housing authorities.

Section 27-41-12 Particular investments - Obligations issued or guaranteed by certain federal agencies.

Section 27-41-13 Particular investments - Bonds, etc., issued, etc., by Canadian government, provinces thereof, etc.

Section 27-41-14 Particular investments - Obligations issued, etc., by International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and National Mortgage Association.

Section 27-41-15 Particular investments - Obligations of American and Canadian institutions generally.

Section 27-41-16 Particular investments - Preferred or guaranteed stocks or shares of American corporations.

Section 27-41-17 Particular investments - Common stocks or shares and capital stocks of American and Canadian corporations.

Section 27-41-18 Particular investments - American insurance stocks.

Section 27-41-19 Particular investments - Transportation equipment trust obligations; notes, etc., secured by leases, agreements, etc., relating to manufacturing, mining, etc., machinery, etc.

Section 27-41-20 Particular investments - Leased line obligations of railroads; terminal obligations of railroads and other common carriers.

Section 27-41-21 Particular investments - Obligations of religious institutions or societies.

Section 27-41-22 Particular investments - Loans secured by liens on interests in oil, gas or condensate properties, etc.

Section 27-41-23 Particular investments - Certificates, etc., issued by trustees or receivers of institutions being administered under court direction.

Section 27-41-24 Particular investments - Loans secured by pledges of securities or pledges or assignments of life insurance policies.

Section 27-41-25 Particular investments - Policy loans.

Section 27-41-26 Particular investments - Shares or savings accounts of savings and loan associations.

Section 27-41-27 Particular investments - Securities, etc., of foreign countries.

Section 27-41-28 Particular investments - Bonds, etc., guaranteed or insured by United States under federal law or secured by mortgages on ships, barges, etc.

Section 27-41-29 Particular investments - Bonds, etc., secured by mortgages or deeds of trust on real property, etc., generally.

Section 27-41-30 Particular investments - Loans, notes, etc., secured by mortgages and leases on real property.

Section 27-41-31 Particular investments - Data processing and accounting systems.

Section 27-41-32 Particular investments - Investments relating to agricultural property securing evidences of indebtedness held by insurers and subject to mortgage foreclosure or insolvency proceedings.

Section 27-41-33 Particular investments - Loans on personal property; chattel mortgages.

Section 27-41-34 Particular investments - Real estate.

Section 27-41-34.1 Particular investments - Oil and gas producing properties and facilities.

Section 27-41-35 Miscellaneous investments.

Section 27-41-36 Prohibited investments; underwriting, etc., of offerings of securities or property.

Section 27-41-37 Investments of mutual aid associations - Generally.

Section 27-41-38 Investments of mutual aid associations - Funeral supply inventories and funeral equipment.

Section 27-41-39 Investments of foreign and alien insurers; cash equivalents.

Section 27-41-40 Effect of failure to dispose of real estate, personal property, securities, etc., within prescribed period of time.

Section 27-41-41 Only eligible investments to be counted as admitted assets; treatment of investments partially qualifying as eligible investments.