Published: 2015

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Article 1 Agricultural Center Board.

Section 2-6-1 Creation; composition; duties; compensation; rules and regulations.

Section 2-6-3 Employees.

Article 1A Garrett Coliseum Agricultural Center Restoration and Improvement Act.

Section 2-6-10 Short title.

Section 2-6-11 Legislative findings.

Section 2-6-12 Annual appropriation.

Section 2-6-13 Use of funds.

Article 2 Agricultural Center Corporation.

Section 2-6-20 Definitions.

Section 2-6-21 Legislative findings and intent.

Section 2-6-22 Authority and procedure for incorporation.

Section 2-6-23 Certificate of incorporation.

Section 2-6-24 Governor, Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries and Director of Finance to constitute corporation; directors; officers; record of proceedings.

Section 2-6-25 Powers of corporation generally.

Section 2-6-26 Conveyance of coliseum and lands of agricultural center to corporation by state.

Section 2-6-27 Lease of corporation's properties to board - Authorized; provisions of lease agreement.

Section 2-6-28 Issuance and sale of bonds of corporation.

Section 2-6-29 Execution of bonds.

Section 2-6-30 Pledge for bonds.

Section 2-6-31 Use of proceeds from sale of bonds.

Section 2-6-32 Construction of coliseum.

Section 2-6-33 Refunding bonds.

Section 2-6-34 State Treasurer to disburse rental payments.

Section 2-6-35 Notice of bond resolution; limitation of action to contest validity of bonds, etc.; venue of actions under article.

Section 2-6-36 Bonds legal investments.

Section 2-6-37 Exemption from taxation.

Section 2-6-38 Conveyance of properties to state; dissolution of corporation.

Article 3 Lease of Coliseum Building and Facilities.

Section 2-6-50 Definitions.

Section 2-6-51 Lease authorized.

Section 2-6-52 Lease authorized - Operation of leased properties.

Section 2-6-53 Lease authorized - Agricultural Center Fund; appropriations for rentals and expenses.

Section 2-6-54 Lease authorized - Lease not to constitute debt of state; payment of rentals.

Article 4 Alabama Agricultural Markets and Coliseum Corporation.

Section 2-6-70 Definitions.

Section 2-6-71 Declaration of purpose and legislative findings.

Section 2-6-72 Authority and procedure for incorporation.

Section 2-6-73 Certificate of incorporation; fees.

Section 2-6-74 Board of directors; officers; quorum; compensation; record of proceedings.

Section 2-6-75 Powers of corporation - Generally.

Section 2-6-76 Powers of corporation - Issuance and sale of securities.

Section 2-6-77 Powers of corporation - Execution of securities.

Section 2-6-78 Disposition of proceeds from sale of securities.

Section 2-6-79 Construction of market facility.

Section 2-6-80 Renovation of coliseum.

Section 2-6-81 Refunding securities.

Section 2-6-82 State Treasurer to pay principal and interest.

Section 2-6-83 Notice of resolution regarding issuance of securities; limitation of actions to contest validity of securities; venue of actions under article.

Section 2-6-84 Securities as legal investments.

Section 2-6-85 Exemption of securities from taxation.

Section 2-6-86 Dissolution of corporation.

Article 5 Garrett Coliseum Redevelopment Act.

Section 2-6-100 Short title.

Section 2-6-101 Definitions.

Section 2-6-102 Public corporation - Formation authorized.

Section 2-6-103 Public corporation - Application for formation; certificate of incorporation.

Section 2-6-104 Public corporation - Board of directors.

Section 2-6-105 Public corporation - Powers.

Section 2-6-106 Deed to coliseum.

Section 2-6-107 Lease of project.

Section 2-6-108 Design, rehabilitation, renovation, etc., of coliseum.

Section 2-6-109 Eminent domain.

Section 2-6-110 Bonds.

Section 2-6-111 Refunding bonds.

Section 2-6-112 Execution, authentication, and delivery of bonds.

Section 2-6-113 Sale of bonds.

Section 2-6-114 Form and contents of bonds; redemption.

Section 2-6-115 Investment of proceeds.

Section 2-6-116 Disposition of bond proceeds.

Section 2-6-117 Disposition of refunding bond proceeds.

Section 2-6-118 Trust fund.

Section 2-6-119 Pledge for payment of principal and interest on bonds; filing with Judge of Probate.

Section 2-6-120 Payment of principal and interest on bonds; recordkeeping.

Section 2-6-121 Resolutions authorizing bonds.

Section 2-6-122 Acts authorized to support objectives.

Section 2-6-123 Federal income taxation.

Section 2-6-124 Investments.

Section 2-6-125 Corporate obligations.

Section 2-6-126 Exemption from state taxation.

Section 2-6-127 Dissolution of corporation.