Section 45-36-243

Published: 2015

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Section 45-36-243

Section 45-36-243Definitions.

For the purposes of this part, the following terms shall have the respective meaning ascribed by this section:

(1) COUNTY. Jackson County.

(2) DISTRIBUTOR. Any person who engages in the selling of gasoline or motor fuel, as herein defined, in Jackson County by wholesale domestic trade, but shall not apply to any transaction of such distributor in interstate commerce.

(3) GASOLINE. Gasoline, naphtha, and other liquid motor fuels or any device or substitute therefor commonly used in internal combustion engines; provided, that such term shall not be held to apply to those products known commercially as kerosene oil, fuel oil, or crude oil when used for lighting, heating, or industrial purposes.

(4) MOTOR FUEL. Diesel oil, tractor fuel, gas oil, distillate, kerosene, jet fuel, or any substitutes or devices therefor when sold, distributed, stored, or withdrawn from storage in any county for use in the operation of any motor vehicle upon the highways of this state.

(5) PERSON. Persons, corporations, copartnerships, companies, agencies, associations, incorporated or otherwise, singular or plural.

(6) REFINER. Any person who manufactures, distills, blends, compounds, or mixes any one or more products in the production of gasoline or motor fuel as herein defined.

(7) RETAIL DEALER. Any person herein defined as a distributor who is also engaged in the selling of gasoline or motor fuel, as herein defined, in Jackson County at any place in this state in broken quantities.

(8) STORER. Any person who ships or causes to be shipped or receives gasoline or motor fuel, as herein defined, into Jackson County in any quantities and stores the same in any manner and withdraws or uses the same for any purpose.

(9) USER. Any person who uses or consumes gasoline or motor fuel, as herein defined, in Jackson County in any manner or for any purpose; provided, that the term user is not to include any refiner who has a refinery or refineries located within Jackson County when using gasoline or motor fuel in the manufacturing or refining process, or any person who holds a federal permit to blend motor fuels under the federal law and statutes and who pays the federal excise tax on such motor fuels directly to the federal government, when such person uses gasoline in Jackson County in such blending process.

(Act 88-291, p. 444, §1.)

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