Section 45-32-150.05

Published: 2015

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Section 45-32-150.05

Section 45-32-150.05Duties of commission.

It shall be the duty of the county racing commission to carry out this part; and it shall have the following specific duties:

(1) To fix and set dates upon which race meetings may be held or operated.

(2) To make an annual report to the county commission of its operation, showing its own actions and rulings, and receipts derived under this part, and such suggestions as it may deem proper for the more effective accomplishment of the purpose of this part.

(3) To require each applicant, who shall have been a resident of the State of Alabama for at least five years immediately preceding the date the license is issued, to set forth on his or her application for a license to operate a race meeting the following information:

a. The full name of the person, association, or corporation and if a corporation, the name of the state under which the same is incorporated, and the name of the corporation’s agents for service of process within the State of Alabama.

b. If an association or corporation, the names of the stockholders and directors of the corporation or the names of the officers and directors of the association.

c. The exact location where it is desired to conduct or hold a race meeting and a complete set of architects’ renderings and detailed construction plans, showing the site topography, the type of construction, the track design, and the concession plans, together with a statement of the assets and liabilities of the person, firm, association, or corporation making such application.

d. Whether the racing plant is owned or leased, and if leased, the name and address of the owner, or if the owner is a corporation, the names of the officers and directors thereof, each of whom shall have been a resident of the State of Alabama for at least five years immediately preceding the date on which the license is issued; provided, however, that nothing in this part shall prevent any person, association, or corporation from applying to the commission for a permit to conduct races where the racing plant has not been constructed.

e. The kind of racing to be conducted and the dates requested.

f. Such other information as the commission may require.

(4) To require an oath of every applicant, or by the president or executive officer of the association or corporation, stating that the information contained in the application is true.

(5) To make uniform rules and regulations governing the holding, conducting, and operating of all race tracks, race meetings, and races held in the county.

(6) All books, records, maps, documents, and papers of the commission, including those filed with the commission as well as those prepared by or for it, shall at all times be open for the personal inspection of any officer of the State of Alabama, or of any county, municipality, or other subdivision of the state, or of any official investigative body or committee, and no person having charge or custody thereof shall refuse this right to any officer of investigative body or committee, and it shall be the express duty of such person to assist such officer or committee in locating records or information desired by them. Any member or employee of the commission who violates this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars ($100) or imprisoned in the county jail not exceeding three months. If any member of the commission violates this section, he or she shall be subject to removal from office.

(Acts 1975, No. 376, p. 926, §6.)