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Veterans' Trust Fund (Excerpt) Act 9 Of 1946 (1St Ex. Sess.)

Published: 2015

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Act 9 of 1946 (1st Ex. Sess.)

35.606a Representative veteran county committees; administration of money at local level; appointment; qualifications; removal of member; vacancy; expenses; office space; appeal of decision.Sec. 6a.

(1) The board of trustees shall establish in the counties of this state representative veteran county committees for the administration of the allocated money on the local level. The board of trustees may combine 2 or more counties into a district if, in the opinion of the board of trustees, a more efficient local administration may result from that combination.

(2) Each member appointed shall have demonstrated knowledge, skills, and experience in public service, business, or finance. Members shall be appointed as follows:

(a) One representative of the American legion.

(b) One representative of the veterans of foreign wars of the United States.

(c) One representative of the disabled American veterans.

(d) One representative of any other congressionally chartered veterans' organization other than those organizations identified in subdivision (a), (b), or (c).

(e) Not less than 1 independent member who may or may not be a member of 1 or more congressionally chartered veterans' organizations, but shall not represent any congressionally chartered veterans' organization of which he or she is a member.

(3) Members appointed under subsection (2) shall be appointed by the board of trustees upon recommendation of the organizations identified in subsection (2). For members appointed under subsection (2)(a), (b), or (c), a recommendation for appointment shall come from an organized and functioning local unit of the organization, through the organization's headquarters. For a member appointed under subsection (2)(d), a recommendation for appointment shall come from the state headquarters of the congressionally chartered veterans' organization that validates the nominated member's qualifying criteria. For members appointed under subsection (2)(e), candidates shall submit through the county or district committee the request for consideration of appointment with the required criteria validated.

(4) Each member of a county or district committee shall be a veteran.

(5) The board of trustees may remove a member of a county or district committee for misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance in office, after hearing. Missing 2 or more consecutive meetings shall be considered malfeasance and is grounds for removal.

(6) If a vacancy occurs during the term of office of a member of a county or district committee, the member's successor shall be selected from the same organization and in the same manner as the original appointment for the balance of the unexpired term.

(7) Members of a county or district committee shall serve without compensation, but shall be entitled to actual and necessary expenses incurred in attending scheduled meetings of the committee or in attending a meeting to make a determination on a grant, which expenses, together with administration expenses, shall be paid from money allocated to the county or district committee as provided in this act.

(8) The county boards of commissioners, or the board of county auditors in a county with a board of county auditors, shall provide suitable office space for county and district committees.

(9) A veteran who considers himself or herself aggrieved at a decision rendered by a county or district committee in connection with a request for assistance may appeal that decision to the board of trustees. The decision of the board of trustees on an appeal referred to it is final and binding on the veteran and the county or district committee.

History: Add. 2011, Act 282, Eff. Jan. 1, 2012
Popular Name: Veterans' Trust Fund Act

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