Published: 2015

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Section 27-7-1 Definitions.

Section 27-7-2 Applicability of chapter.

Section 27-7-3 Applicability of provision on insurance vending machines.

Section 27-7-4 Licenses - Requirement; forms.

Section 27-7-4.1 Licenses - Required to receive payment, etc.

Section 27-7-4.2 Licenses - Applicability to insurance producer.

Section 27-7-4.3 Licenses - Insurance producer examination.

Section 27-7-4.4 Fingerprints.

Section 27-7-5 Licenses - Qualifications.

Section 27-7-5.1 Licenses - Limited license for motor vehicle rental companies.

Section 27-7-5.2 Licenses; limited license for travel insurance producers.

Section 27-7-6 Licenses - Artificial entities.

Section 27-7-7 Licenses - Application - Generally; fees.

Section 27-7-8 Licenses - Application - Statement of appointing insurer for agent.

Section 27-7-9 Licenses - Application - Statement of appointing agent or broker for solicitor.

Section 27-7-10 Licenses - Examination - Scope; notification; when given.

Section 27-7-10.1 Licenses - Examination - Waiting period for person failing two examinations.

Section 27-7-11 Licenses - Examination - Study materials; contents; conduct; grading.

Section 27-7-12 Licenses - Examination - Renewal or continuation.

Section 27-7-13 Licenses - Examination - Exemptions; exception.

Section 27-7-14 Licenses - Examination - Consultations with experienced persons.

Section 27-7-14.1 Licenses - Lines of authority; renewal.

Section 27-7-14.2 Validity of existing licenses for automobile and industrial fire lines of authority.

Section 27-7-15 Licenses - Issuance or refusal.

Section 27-7-16 Licenses - Reapplication or reexamination upon denial; fees therefor.

Section 27-7-17 Licenses - Contents; centralized producer license registry.

Section 27-7-18 Licenses - Continuation and expiration; exception.

Section 27-7-19 Licenses - Penalties.

Section 27-7-20 Licenses - Proceedings to suspend or revoke.

Section 27-7-21 Licenses - Notice of refusal to renew or of suspension or revocation.

Section 27-7-22 Licenses - Return for cancellation; affidavit in lieu thereof.

Section 27-7-23 Temporary license - Generally.

Section 27-7-24 Temporary license - Pending examination of agent.

Section 27-7-25 Temporary license - Agent properly licensed in another state.

Section 27-7-27 Solicitors.

Section 27-7-28 Nonresident agents or brokers - License generally.

Section 27-7-29 Nonresident agents or brokers - Service of process.

Section 27-7-29.1 Exemptions for individuals licensed in other state.

Section 27-7-29.2 Notification of assumed name.

Section 27-7-30 Appointment of producer - Generally.

Section 27-7-30.1 Appointment of producer - Notification of termination.

Section 27-7-30.2 Liability for disclosure of information, etc.

Section 27-7-30.3 Confidentiality and disclosure of information.

Section 27-7-30.4 Failure to report, etc.

Section 27-7-31 Rights of agent following termination of appointment; exception.

Section 27-7-32 Place of business; display of license.

Section 27-7-33 Records.

Section 27-7-34 Placing of insurance by producer not appointed.

Section 27-7-35 Division or sharing of commissions by licensees.

Section 27-7-35.1 Payment of commission, etc., to person not licensed.

Section 27-7-36 Accounting for and payment of trust funds by licensees.

Section 27-7-37 Complaints against licensees; notice, hearing, and orders thereon.

Section 27-7-38 Privileged information.

Section 27-7-39 Reporting of administrative action, etc.

Section 27-7-40 Disposition of fines.

Section 27-7-41 Validity of certain licenses, appointments.

Section 27-7-42

Section 27-7-43 Rules and regulations under amendatory act.

Section 27-7-44 Rules and regulations governing disclosure of nonpublic personal information.