Published: 2015

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Article 1 General Provisions

Division 1 Judgments, Decrees and Orders Supporting Appeal.

Section 12-22-1 Confession of judgment.

Section 12-22-2 Final judgments of circuit or probate courts.

Section 12-22-3 Judgments or decrees of abolished courts of record.

Section 12-22-4 Judgment on partial or annual settlement of estate.

Section 12-22-5 Final judgment in ad quod damnum proceedings under condemnation order.

Section 12-22-6 Judgments on applications for remedial writs.

Section 12-22-7 Applications for temporary restraining orders generally; renewal of applications.

Section 12-22-8 Applications to Supreme Court or Court of Civil Appeals for temporary restraining orders or other equitable process.

Section 12-22-9 Order appointing or refusing to appoint receiver.

Section 12-22-10 Grant or refusal of motion for new trial.

Division 2 Appeals From Probate Court.

Section 12-22-20 Final judgments, orders, or decrees generally.

Section 12-22-21 Other orders, judgments, or decrees.

Section 12-22-22 Appeal from circuit court judgment on appeal.

Section 12-22-23 Contest of will removed to probate court of another county.

Section 12-22-24 Bond on appeal of order removing executor or administrator.

Section 12-22-25 Security for costs of appeal.

Section 12-22-26 Appeals by next friends or guardians of minors or persons of unsound mind.

Section 12-22-27 Reimbursement of costs from estate of testator, etc.

Division 3 Bonds and Security for Costs on Appeal.

Section 12-22-40 Recording of order fixing supersedeas bond; failure to make or record same.

Section 12-22-41 Liability to appellee for taking insufficient surety.

Division 4 Record on Appeal.

Section 12-22-60 Liability of clerk, register or probate judge for delayed or defective record.

Division 5 Disposition of Appeals.

Section 12-22-70 Procedure upon reversal of judgment or decree.

Section 12-22-71 Proceedings when only amount of judgment excessive.

Section 12-22-72 Affirmation of stayed judgment - Generally.

Section 12-22-73 Affirmation of stayed judgment - Right of property.

Section 12-22-73.1 Applicability of 1987 amendment to Sections 12-22-72 and 12-22-73.

Section 12-22-74 Affirmation of stayed judgment - Recovery of chattels in specie.

Section 12-22-75 Execution upon dismissal of appeal or affirmation of judgment, etc.

Section 12-22-76 Execution by lower courts for unpaid costs.

Article 2 Criminal Cases.

Division 1 General Provisions.

Section 12-22-90 Appeals in habeas corpus.

Section 12-22-91 Appeal when statute under which prosecution preferred held unconstitutional.

Division 2 Appeals to Specific Courts.

Division 1 Appeals to Circuit Courts.

Section 12-22-111 Issuance, execution and return of subpoenas for witnesses; liability of witnesses failing to appear.

Section 12-22-112 Liability of defendant failing to appear; warrant of arrest.

Section 12-22-113 De novo trial in circuit court; statement of cause of complaint.

Section 12-22-114 Rules as to evidence, etc., governing appeals.

Division 2 Appeals to Supreme Court or Court of Criminal Appeals.

Section 12-22-130 Appealing judgment of conviction.

Section 12-22-131 Review in Court of Criminal Appeals; when appeal taken to wrong court; decision where conflict over jurisdiction.

Section 12-22-132 Reserving questions of law; presumption that written charges asked before jury retired.

Section 12-22-133 Retention of jurisdiction by trial court.

Division 3 Automatic Appeal From Death Sentence.

Section 12-22-150 Duty of trial judge to enter appeal; automatic stay of execution; how appeal governed.

Division 4 Stays Pending Appeal.

Section 12-22-170 Stay of sentence when question of law reserved and admission to bail - Felonies.

Section 12-22-171 Stay of sentence when question of law reserved and admission to bail - Misdemeanors.

Section 12-22-172 Stays of execution on confessed judgments in misdemeanors.

Section 12-22-173 Waiver of stayed sentence; duty of clerk; effect on appeal.

Division 5 Providing Record on Appeal for Indigents.

Section 12-22-190 Purpose of division.

Section 12-22-191 Applicability of division.

Section 12-22-192 Petition for appeal under division; contents thereof.

Section 12-22-193 Examination of petitioner; subpoena of witnesses; ascertainment of financial information; estimate of costs and fees.

Section 12-22-194 Report on financial condition of petitioner.

Section 12-22-195 Burden of proof as to sufficient funds.

Section 12-22-196 Entry of findings on minutes of court.

Section 12-22-197 Order to prepare record on appeal; order authorizing payment of fees and transmission thereof to state Comptroller.

Section 12-22-198 Appeals from denial of petition or where parts of record ordered transcribed deemed inadequate.

Section 12-22-199 Judgment for costs against petitioner when appeal unfavorable; payment thereof into General Fund; liability for payment.

Section 12-22-200 Rules and regulations.

Section 12-22-201 Annual appropriation; approval of Governor for disbursement.

Division 6 Writs of Error.

Section 12-22-220 By whom and when granted; duty of clerk of court.

Section 12-22-221 Entry of order on court's minutes; dismissal if not prosecuted to term returnable.

Section 12-22-222 Stay of proceedings on judgment; admission of defendant to bail; proceedings on failure to appear.

Division 7 Disposition of Appeals.

Section 12-22-240 Consideration of cases by Court of Criminal Appeals generally.

Section 12-22-241 Consideration of automatic appeals; reversal of judgment and granting of new trial.

Section 12-22-242 Reversal of judgment.

Section 12-22-243 Affirmation of judgment in capital cases.

Section 12-22-244 Duty of defendant on bail to surrender upon affirmation of conviction or dismissal of appeal.

Section 12-22-245 Effect of undertaking when conviction reversed and case remanded.

Section 12-22-246 Proceedings when undertaking forfeited.