Section 33-2-180

Published: 2015

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Section 33-2-180

Section 33-2-180Definitions.

Where used in this article the following words and terms shall be given the following respective meanings unless the context hereof clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) CODE. The Code of Alabama 1975, as amended.

(2) DEPARTMENT. Alabama State Docks Department created in Chapter 1 of Title 33.

(3) DIRECTOR. The Director of State Docks provided for in Section 33-1-3.

(4) DOCKS FACILITIES. Docks and all kinds of docks facilities, including elevators, compresses, conveyors, warehouses, water and rail terminals, bulk handling facilities, coal handling facilities, grain elevator facilities, wharves, piles, quays, cold storage facilities, loading and unloading facilities, and other related structures, facilities, equipment, property and improvements of every kind needful for the convenient use of same, in aid of commerce and use of the waterways of the state, now or hereafter existing, that are now or hereafter owned or held, are or are to be under the management and control of the department and are located along navigable rivers, streams or waterways now or hereafter existing within the state.

(5) DOCKS FACILITIES REVENUES. All gross revenues of the department derived from charges made by the department for all services provided by the department to, and for the use of docks facilities by, persons using any of the docks facilities, including all special handling and processing charges, tariffs, surcharges and other fees, but excluding any amounts received by the department from state taxes or licenses or from appropriations to the department made by the state.

(6) DOCKS FACILITIES REVENUE BONDS. The revenue bonds authorized in Section 33-2-181 to be sold and issued by the department.

(7) GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Any bonds or other obligations which as to principal and interest constitute direct obligations of, or are unconditionally guaranteed by, the United States of America, including obligations of any federal agency to the extent such obligations are unconditionally guaranteed by the United States of America and any certificates or any other evidences of an ownership interest in such obligations of, or unconditionally guaranteed by, the United States of America or in specified portions thereof (which may consist of the principal thereof or the interest thereon).

(8) INDUSTRIAL BOARD BONDS. Those bonds of the industrial development board, dated February 1, 1981, and issued to provide funds for the construction, lease and purchase of the industrial board project and for other purposes related thereto.

(9) INDUSTRIAL BOARD PROJECT. Certain additions to the docks facilities financed through the issuance of the industrial board bonds and leased to the department by the industrial development board pursuant to a lease and agreement dated as of February 1, 1981.

(10) INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BOARD. The Industrial Development Board of the City of Mobile, Alabama, a public corporation and instrumentality that was organized and is existing under the provisions of Act No. 648 enacted at the 1949 Regular Session of the Legislature, as amended (codified as §§ 11-54-80 through 11-54-123).

(11) LEGISLATURE. The Legislature of Alabama.

(12) OUTSTANDING BONDS. Any docks facilities revenue bonds issued under this article, any refunding bonds issued under this article, the Seaport facility bonds, the state general obligation docks bonds and the industrial board bonds, at any time issued and outstanding.

(13) REFUNDING BONDS. Those refunding bonds authorized in Section 33-2-182 to be sold and issued by the department.

(14) SEAPORT FACILITY BONDS. The department's seaport facility revenue and special excise tax bonds, dated March 1, 1972, issued pursuant to Act No. 64 enacted at the 1971 First Special Session of the Legislature, as amended, and the department's seaport facility revenue bonds, Series 1978, dated November 1, 1978, issued pursuant to Act No. 703 enacted at the 1976 Regular Session of the Legislature, as amended.

(15) STATE. The State of Alabama.

(16) STATE GENERAL OBLIGATION DOCKS BONDS. The general obligation docks expansion bonds of the state, dated March 1, 1966, the general obligation docks capital extension bonds of the state, dated March 1, 1968, and the general obligation docks facilities bonds, Series 1970, of the state, dated September 1, 1970.

(17) STATE TREASURER. The State Treasurer of the state.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-412, p. 963, §1.)

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