Published: 2015

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Article 1 State Pilotage Commission.

Section 33-4-1 Composition; powers and duties generally.

Section 33-4-2 Qualifications of commissioners.

Section 33-4-3 Terms, compensation and traveling expenses of commissioners.

Section 33-4-4 Bond of commissioners.

Section 33-4-5 Chair; acting chair.

Section 33-4-6 Secretary.

Section 33-4-7 Meetings.

Section 33-4-8 Vacancies in office.

Section 33-4-9 Territorial jurisdiction.

Section 33-4-10 No jurisdiction over harbor masters.

Section 33-4-11 Authority to make rules and regulations, etc.

Section 33-4-12 Civil actions to recover forfeitures.

Section 33-4-13 Fees.

Section 33-4-14 Records.

Article 2 Pilots Generally.

Section 33-4-30 Number of pilots; application, examination and certification required for license.

Section 33-4-31 Qualifications; age limitations for apprentices.

Section 33-4-32 Selection of apprentices.

Section 33-4-33 Apprentice not to be discharged except for cause; appeal of discharge.

Section 33-4-34 Application for license, etc., to be in writing accompanied by certificate and affidavit; branching or licensing according to seniority.

Section 33-4-35 Examination and certification generally.

Section 33-4-36 Apprentice pilots not required to take second examination.

Section 33-4-37 Issuing licenses; possession and exhibition of licenses; oath of pilot.

Section 33-4-38 Levy, payment, and disposition of pilot's license tax.

Section 33-4-39 Bond of pilot - Required; amount; conditions; renewal.

Section 33-4-40 Bond of pilot - Preserving bonds, etc.; new bonds; actions on bonds; liability.

Section 33-4-42 Revocation or suspension of license for cause - Failure of witness to answer subpoena.

Section 33-4-41 Revocation or suspension of license for cause - Generally.

Section 33-4-43 Revocation or suspension of license for cause - Witnesses' fees and mileage.

Section 33-4-44 Revocation or suspension of license for cause - Issuance of subpoenas in behalf of pilot.

Section 33-4-45 Revocation or suspension of license for cause - Hearings; decision of commission.

Section 33-4-46 Grounds for depriving pilot of branch.

Section 33-4-47 Penalty for acting without license.

Section 33-4-48 Pay of pilots - Generally.

Section 33-4-49 Pay of pilots - Time of payment.

Section 33-4-50 Pay of pilots - Fees of pilots detained on vessels.

Section 33-4-51 Pay of pilots - No discrimination or rebating of pilot's fees.

Section 33-4-52 Pay of pilots - Exemptions from payment of pilot's fees.

Section 33-4-53 Compulsory retirement of bar pilots.

Section 33-4-54 Vessels required to take pilots.

Section 33-4-55 Pilot boats must offer services to vessels nearest bar.

Section 33-4-56 Delivery of orders and letters by pilot.

Section 33-4-57 Report of unlawful discharge of ballast, sweepings, rubbish, etc., in bay, etc.