Published: 2015

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Section 31-8-1 State Department of Human Resources to provide for payment of pensions under chapter.

Section 31-8-2 Persons entitled to pension.

Section 31-8-3 Entitlement of remarried widows.

Section 31-8-4 Certain persons not to be placed on pension roll.

Section 31-8-5 Forms, etc., for use by applicants.

Section 31-8-6 Applications to be filed with and forwarded by county department of human resources.

Section 31-8-7 Application for placement on pension roll.

Section 31-8-8 Certificates to accompany application.

Section 31-8-9 Proof of service of husband.

Section 31-8-11 Disposition of rejected applications.

Section 31-8-12 Reapplication.

Section 31-8-13 Persons becoming resident citizens of other states to be dropped from pension roll; right of reinstatement; temporary absence from state.

Section 31-8-14 Application for reinstatement to pension roll.

Section 31-8-15 Restoration of pensioner dropped from roll through error, etc.

Section 31-8-16 Back pay.

Section 31-8-17 Proceedings as to pensions secured by misrepresentation.

Section 31-8-18 Proceedings as to persons placed on pension roll through fraud, etc.

Section 31-8-19 Amount of pension; appropriation.

Section 31-8-20 Payment of pensions - Generally.

Section 31-8-21 Payment of pensions - Pension warrants to reach county departments of human resources by last day of month.

Section 31-8-22 Payment of pensions - Delivery of warrants to payees; disposition of undelivered warrants.

Section 31-8-23 Payment of pensions - When proof of identity of payee required.

Section 31-8-25 Transfer or discount of pension claims or warrants.

Section 31-8-24 Disposition of pension after death of pensioner.

Section 31-8-26 Unauthorized purchase or receipt of transfer of pension claim or warrant.

Section 31-8-28 Annual publication of county pension list.

Section 31-8-29 Grand jury investigations of county pension list; report.

Section 31-8-30 Permanent state record of pensioners.

Section 31-8-31 Maintenance of permanent state pension roll; verification of applications, etc.

Section 31-8-32 Report on operation of state pension law.

Section 31-8-33 Penalty for violation of laws pertaining to Confederate pensions.