Published: 2015

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Article 1 General Provisions.

Section 5-2A-1 Creation of department; duties generally.

Section 5-2A-2 Offices, venue.

Section 5-2A-3 Superintendent - Qualifications, appointment and term of office; filling of vacancies.

Section 5-2A-4 Superintendent - Oath and bond.

Section 5-2A-5 Superintendent - Seal of office; recordation of executed papers.

Section 5-2A-6 Superintendent - Removal; removal of member of Banking Board.

Section 5-2A-7 Superintendent - Expansion of banking powers; rules and regulations.

Section 5-2A-8 Superintendent - Promulgation and interpretation of regulations.

Section 5-2A-9 Superintendent - Procedure for promulgation of regulations; emergency regulations; judicial review.

Section 5-2A-10 Superintendent - Make good any impairment of capital.

Section 5-2A-11 Superintendent - Losses; bank to correct impairment of capital.

Section 5-2A-12 Superintendent - Order to correct unsafe and unsound matters; penalties; procedure.

Section 5-2A-13 Superintendent - Annual report to Governor; publication and distribution, etc.

Section 5-2A-14 Superintendent - Reports of criminal violations to grand juries.

Section 5-2A-15 Appointment, etc., of assistants and employees generally; bond of deputy superintendent.

Section 5-2A-16 Limitation of liability of superintendent, members of Banking Board, or employees.

Section 5-2A-17 Bank examiners - Oath; duties generally.

Section 5-2A-18 Bank examiners - Commission.

Section 5-2A-19 Bond of examiners and office assistants.

Section 5-2A-20 Assessment of banks - When payable; amount; disposition of revenue.

Section 5-2A-21 Assessment of banks - Fees for failure to pay assessment; proceedings for collection of assessment.

Section 5-2A-22 Independent audits; minimum standards; advisory committee; report in lieu of audit.

Section 5-2A-23 Legal counsel.

Section 5-2A-24 Examination of small loan companies; fees.

Article 2 Banking Board.

Section 5-2A-40 Composition of Banking Board; chairman; appointment and terms of office of members.

Section 5-2A-41 Meetings of board - Notice; executive session; confidentiality.

Section 5-2A-42 Meetings of board - Place.

Section 5-2A-43 Quorum.

Section 5-2A-44 Filling of vacancies; qualification of members.

Section 5-2A-45 Compensation of members.

Article 3 Bureau of Savings and Loan.

Section 5-2A-60 Composition.

Section 5-2A-61 Created; commissioner and deputy commissioner generally; examiners; disclosure of information by officers; seal of commissioner.

Section 5-2A-62 Supervisory powers of commissioner generally; approvals, etc., by commissioner; permits required of savings and loan associations.

Section 5-2A-63 Savings and Loan Board; appeals from orders, etc., of commissioner or board.

Article 4 Bureau of Loans.

Section 5-2A-80 Created; supervisor of bureau; inspections; records, reports, etc., not open to public.

Section 5-2A-81 Revocation and suspension of licenses; injunctive relief as to violations of Small Loan Act.

Section 5-2A-82 Appeals from acts of bureau or supervisor.

Section 5-2A-83 Payment of salaries and expenses.

Article 5 Bureau of Credit Unions.

Division 1 General Provisions.

Section 5-2A-100 Created; appointment of supervisor and other employees; supervisor's oath and bond; investigations; records, reports, etc., open to public.

Section 5-2A-101 Qualifications of supervisor.

Section 5-2A-102 Supervision, inspection and examinations of credit unions.

Section 5-2A-103 Payment of operating expenses.

Division 2 Credit Union Board.