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County Public Improvement Act Of 1939 (Excerpt) Act 342 Of 1939

Published: 2015

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Act 342 of 1939

46.175a Contracts authorized; methods of raising funds.

Sec. 5a.

As an additional or alternative method of acquiring and constructing any of the improvements or facilities authorized by this act, the county, acting through its county agency, and any unit of government may enter into contracts providing for the acquisition, construction, and financing of improvements or facilities in the manner authorized in this act. The contracts shall provide for the allocation and payment of the share of the total cost to be borne by each unit of government in annual installments for a period of not exceeding 40 years, and each contracting unit of government is authorized to pledge its full faith and credit for the payment of the obligation in the manner and times specified in the contracts. A contract described in this section is not subject to the revised municipal finance act, 2001 PA 34, MCL 141.2101 to 141.2821. For the purpose of making payment of its pledged share of the cost of the improvements or facilities, any contracting unit of government may use any, or all, or any combination of the following methods of raising funds:

(a) The levy of a tax on taxable property by a unit of government having the power to tax, which tax may be imposed without limitation as to rate or amount and in addition to any taxes that the unit of government may be authorized to levy but not more than the rate or amount sufficient for those purposes.

(b) The levy of special assessments on property benefited by the improvements, the procedures relative to the making and collection of the special assessments to conform as near as may be to applicable charter or statutory provisions.

(c) The levy and collection of rates or charges to users and beneficiaries of the service furnished by the improvement.

(d) From money received or to be received derived from the imposition of taxes by this state, except as the use of the money for that purpose is expressly prohibited by the state constitution of 1963.

(e) From any other funds that may be validly used for that purpose. The contracts may provide for any and all matters relating to the acquisition, construction, and financing of the improvements or facilities as are considered necessary, including the authority to the county agency to issue bonds secured by the full faith and credit contractual pledges of the contracting unit of government, as authorized by section 5c. The contracts may provide for appropriate remedies in case of default, including, but not limited to, the right of the contracting unit of government to authorize the state treasurer or other official charged with the disbursement of unrestricted state funds returnable to the governmental units under the state constitution of 1963, to withhold sufficient funds to make up any default or deficiency in funds.

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