Published: 2015

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Article 1 General Provisions.

Section 13A-5-1 Applicability of provisions.

Section 13A-5-2 Authorized dispositions.

Section 13A-5-3 Classification of offenses.

Section 13A-5-4 Designation of offenses.

Section 13A-5-5 Presentence investigation.

Section 13A-5-6 Sentences of imprisonment for felonies.

Section 13A-5-7 Sentences of imprisonment for misdemeanors and violations.

Section 13A-5-8 Place of imprisonment.

Section 13A-5-9 Habitual felony offenders - Additional penalties.

Section 13A-5-9.1 Retroactive application of Section 13A-5-9.

Section 13A-5-10 Habitual felony offenders - Proof; restriction on imposition of penalty.

Section 13A-5-10.1 Habitual felony offenders - Proof; certified copies of case action summary sheets, docket sheets, etc.

Section 13A-5-11 Fines for felonies.

Section 13A-5-12 Fines for misdemeanors and violations.

Section 13A-5-12.1 Fines for certain additional misdemeanors.

Section 13A-5-13 Crimes motivated by victim's race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity or physical or mental disability.

Article 2 Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment Without Parole.

Section 13A-5-39 Definitions.

Section 13A-5-40 Capital offenses.

Section 13A-5-41 Lesser included offenses.

Section 13A-5-43 Trial of capital offenses; discharge of defendant; lesser included offenses; sentencing.

Section 13A-5-42 Guilty plea; burden of proof upon state; waiver; sentencing.

Section 13A-5-44 Jury selection and separation; waiver by defendant of jury participation in sentence hearing.

Section 13A-5-45 Sentence hearing - Delay; statements and arguments; admissibility of evidence; burden of proof; mitigating and aggravating circumstances.

Section 13A-5-46 Sentence hearing - Conducted before jury unless waived; trial jury to sit unless impossible or impracticable; separation of jury; instructions to jury; advisory verdicts; vote required; mistrial; waiver of right to advisory verdict.

Section 13A-5-47 Determination of sentence by court; pre-sentence investigation report; presentation of arguments on aggravating and mitigating circumstances; court to enter written findings; court not bound by sentence recommended by jury.

Section 13A-5-48 Process of weighing aggravating and mitigating circumstances defined.

Section 13A-5-49 Aggravating circumstances.

Section 13A-5-50 Consideration of aggravating circumstances in sentence determination.

Section 13A-5-51 Mitigating circumstances - Generally.

Section 13A-5-52 Mitigating circumstances - Inclusion of defendant's character, record, etc.

Section 13A-5-53 Appellate review of death sentence; scope; remand; specific determinations to be made by court; authority of court following review.

Section 13A-5-54 Appointment of experienced counsel for indigent defendants.

Section 13A-5-55 Conviction and sentence of death subject to automatic review.

Section 13A-5-56 Supreme court to promulgate indictment forms, verdict forms and jury instructions.

Section 13A-5-57 Application of article to conduct after effective date.

Section 13A-5-58 Interpretation of article.

Section 13A-5-59 Application of article upon finding of unconstitutionality.