Section 11-3-20

Published: 2015

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Section 11-3-20

Section 11-3-20Proceedings at meetings of county commission - Presiding officer.

(a) The chair of the county commission shall preside over county commission meetings, provided however, the county commission may elect or authorize the chair to appoint a vice chair to serve in his or her absence. The chair shall only vote on a matter in the event that the votes cast by the other members of the commission are evenly divided on the issue except, when the chair serves on the county commission as a district commissioner, he or she may vote once on all matters that come before the county commission.

(b) In addition to presiding over all meetings as set out in subsection (a), the chair of a county commission, or in his or her absence or at his or her request, the vice chair, shall have the following duties:

(1) To ensure that an accurate record of all meetings is made and kept as required by Section 11-3-18.

(2) Except where the chief administrative officer has been directed to serve pursuant to subdivision (5) of Section 11-3-18, to serve as signatory for the county commission on all appropriate documents, such as resolutions, orders, contracts, or directives, as are necessary to carry out the actions of the county commission.

(3) To oversee and supervise the upkeep of the financial records of the county.

(4) Except as provided in Section 11-8-9, to issue and sign all warrants.

(5) To perform other duties as required by law or determined appropriate by the county commission pursuant to resolution duly adopted by a majority of the members of the county commission.

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